What Is Normal Blood Sugar Before Breakfast

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Why A Keto Breakfast Beats Sugary Cereal

Modern day breakfast shares little similarities with the traditional morning meal. A short century ago, our great-grandparents enjoyed a cooked family meal around the breakfast table. However, things are completely different now. For most people, breakfast no longer features fresh ingredients, and the food usually comes ready-made in a box. Popular cereal brands have taken over the “most important meal of the day” with devastating health consequences. This article discusses why a real food keto-style breakfast beats sugary cereal. A Brief History of Breakfast Throughout history, breakfast was never just one food as it is for many people now. In Britain, cold meats, fish and homemade bread were popular from medieval times until the latter half of the 20th century. A traditional breakfast in North America was also very different to now. In the early 1900s, and before widespread commercial food processing, American families relied on what they could grow, buy, or make themselves. Many families were living off the land and breakfasts typically consisted of whole grain cereals, meat, eggs, fruits, fish and homemade bread. Significantly, people thought that a breakfast consisting ent Continue reading >>

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  1. Aneroo

    My fiance has seen one in the thousands (new onset type one).
    We were talking about this one day at work, about the lowest they had seen. I think 5 was the lowest. Gave the guy sugar, he woke up! Nurse asked him "Do you know where you are?". She said he looked around and said "Looks like I'm at the hospital". She asked if he knew why he was there. "Probably because my sugar got too low".

  2. Nursebaby23

    I worked in a hospital lab before I became a nurse; one guy had a serum glucose level of 1100. He was found unresponsive in his home. However, even though they were able to bring it down, he died from a rare type of fungal pneumonia.

  3. sjrn85

    1036; long time diabetic

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