What Is Low Blood Sugar For A Diabetic?

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Does Metformin Affect Wound Healing – 266954

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  1. FreeSpirit

    What is "too high" for gestational?

    Hey everyone,
    So my friend, Tangie, is 4 months pregnant, and she was just diagnosed as a gestational diabetic. Being a diabetic myself, I've been helping her monitor her diet and exercise. Her sugars are normally 100 (5.6), and her highest EVER in the past month was 129 (7.2). The doctor wants her to take insulin for the rest of her pregnancy, saying her fasting numbers should be between 70 - 90 (3.9 - 5)in the morning. This seems a little extreme to me, and I think insulin may do more harm than good to her. I'm really confused, since I thought a normal blood sugar level was between 80 - 120 (4.4 - 6.7). Is it different for gestational diabetics?

  2. tralea

    Actually, when you're pregnant most OB's like to see your blood sugars in the high 70's-100 if at all possible - especially for a non-diabetic. I don't think her numbers are all that bad either, but the moment when they start going up (and they will if she's gestational), I wouldn't hesitate encouraging her to take insulin. The OB probably suggested it as a precaution or to prevent her sugars from sky rocketing - and they can better figure out her units now than later and make adjustments when they are needed. Pretty hard to hear, I know. She's not doing bad so far!!

  3. Tiger Lily

    Robyn, the guidelines are much stricter for gestational diabetes because of the risk of damage to the fetus by high blood glucose levels
    she will have excursions beyond what her ob/gyn wants her at, but hopefully those are few and far between
    insulin is the safest med for a pregnant diabetic
    she has an almost 100% chance of getting type 2 diabetes within 10 years of her gestational diagnosis.......... i hope she can follow diet/exercise/meds closely and avoid that diagnosis

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