What Is Dangerously High Blood Sugar

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Blood Sugar Over 600 What Should I Do

How is it diagnosed? The level of sugar in your blood can be measured with blood tests you can do at home or at your healthcare provider's office. Wash the finger carefully before checking again. Ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar syndrome can lead to coma, and a reading above 500 means your blood sugar is uncontrolled and your health is at risk. Help. You should know how and be prepared to treat hypoglycemia with She was at the doctors office when they diagnosed her and said her blood sugar levels were over that a blood sugar level over 500 over 600 when I was 600 Pound Life; Childhood; How Dangerous Is Blood Sugar in the 400’s? The Danger of Blood Sugar Readings in the 400’s Over 400 is considered extremely high. The University of 27 Feb 2013 Again I haven't taken insulin in over 3 months, as I have no more insurance. ” My reply: Yes, it is true that if your blood sugar levels are in the range of 600, you are at risk of life-threatening complications because the level is so high. Her blood sugar was over 600 at that time, Common Questions and Answers about High blood sugar over 400. Blood sugar levels above your target range may make you High blood glucose levels can damage the Continue reading >>

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  1. bkeller39

    Any truth that you can drink apple cider vinegar to lower glucose levels?

  2. susanm9006

    I think some of us have tried it - I tried a tablespoon a day or few weeks Like many home remedies it might work a little bit but not enough to make a significant change to your glucose.

  3. crafther

    I tried it for a few nights. It really upset my stomach. The first night, I thought I'd just chug it. Big mistake. It burned and churned. Then I tried diluting it with water, adding SF vanilla and chasing it with tums. The few nights I tried it didn't make a difference in my bg. Everyone's different.

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