What Is A Good Score For A1c?

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Understanding Your A1c Reading With Your Eag: Estimated Average Glucose

Every three to six months we have our A1C measured"but what does that number really mean? You know it’s a measure of your average blood sugar reading, but when was the last time your blood glucose monitor gave you a percentage? Your A1C is essentially a measurement of the Advanced Glycogenated End-products that have accumulated in your blood from blood sugar levels"the higher our blood sugars are, the more AGEs are present in our blood. These AGEs are also what lead to various complications we’re warned about: nerve damage, retinopathy, etc. So, as usual, our goal is to reduce our A1C which will reduce our AGEs, and we do this by controlling our blood sugars better. The Joslin Diabetes Center recently published an article about a new way to report your A1C so you can translate that number to the numbers you see on your monitor. This is your eAG= Estimated Average Glucose. So what does it mean to you when your doctor says your A1C is 8%? According to the Joslin article an A1C of 8% means your eAG is 183, which means your blood sugars run usually between 147 to 217. My last A1C was 7.6%. This means my blood sugars run between 140 to 200 on average through the day. The lowest A1C Continue reading >>

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  1. semidevil

    So I got my blood drawn and I had glucose level of 127. My dr told me to go back for another lab and my hemoglobin ended up at a 5.9, which he said is upper normal. He wants me to be under 6.0. I'm due to go back for another set of labs in 3 months.
    I asked him what this means and all he said was that I need to eat a bit healthier and get in regular exercise, or this can turn to diabetes, and didn't really tell me more.
    I"m 28, about 148lbs, so not overweight ( I don't think).
    So just a couple of questions.
    Is this bad? 5.9 and 127? Do I need to start eating 0 grams sugar going forward? I"m going to start cutting on the refined flour and sugar, but some of my diet still has 2 to 3 grams of natural sugar here and there (greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, raw nuts, etc etc).
    I'm just trying to gauge the severity of 5.9, and how much sugar it takes to get to 6.0.

  2. timneh5

    Your 5.9 number is called an A1C; it's a 3-month average of your blood levels. It matters when your blood was drawn to get a 127 number. Did you eat breakfast or lunch and then go to your appointment?
    Over 125 is considered diabetic. Can it be 127, because you ate poorly for three months and is temporary? I'm not sure about that. You need to get yourself a glucose (blood) monitor to know how you are doing. You have to test your blood when you wake up (before eating), before meals and two hours after eating. Take these numbers to your next appointment and show these to your doctor. Are you on any medications? Metformin?
    Also, many foods turn into sugar after you eat it, so it's not just the obvious sugar you need to be aware of. Here' a link to a site that has a lot of easy to understand information for you: Blood Sugar 101
    Good luck~

  3. semidevil

    well, I wasn't expecting a blood test, so I did have a cup of cappuccino and some pita with hummus probably 30 minutes before the appointment, so I hope that was the reason it went to 127. The Dr. knew that too.
    for the A1C, I also had a cup of oatmeal probably 3 to 4 hours before.

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