What If My Blood Sugar Is Over 300

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How To Get Quick Control Over Your Diabetes

High Sugar Level in Just One Week! How I Lowered My Diabetic High Blood Sugar From 399 mg/dl to 112 mg/dl in Just One Week! UPDATE: In January of 2017 I weighed 215 pounds. Today is June 7th and I weighed 150.2 today!!! Amen! I've lost 65 pounds in just a few months!!! Here's a ukulele video I made last month, showing before and after. My sugar last year was 399 mg/dl, but is now 75 mg/dl. My mmol/L was 9.8 last year, but was 6.7 two months ago when I weighed 185. My doctor said my diabetes is all GONE! I've lost another 35 pounds and am now 150 pounds. I'll get my glucose tested again in a couple weeks, which should be 5 point something. My friend, LOSE WEIGHT if you want to get rid of the type II diabetes. I explain in the video and notes how I lost so much weight. I DIDN'T take any diabetes drugs!!! I DIDN'T take any pills or follow anyone's quack diet plan. I simply limited my daily calories to 1,000 or less, and walked a couple hours a day, here a little and there a little. Drink only water. Eat big salads (with hardly any dressing) and stay away from processed and breaded foods. Eat tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, AND FAST A DAY OR TWO EACH WEEK, eating nothing! Don't let peopl Continue reading >>

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  1. Northern-Mike

    Its been a little while since I last posted here. I am having an ongoing debate, is having blood sugars in the 400's dangerous? While I know that it is not good to have them that high, I am yet to be convinced that numbers in the those levels can kill you.
    What I do know is that this past week my blood sugars did go over 400 and I went to the ER. They kept me overnight trying to get my blood sugar down. But I was in a waiting area for a couple of hours before even being treated and my numbers naturally went down. Then they put me in a room and gave me an IV, etc.
    Another time while being on this forums chat room, I had elevated blood sugars in the high 300's. At the advice of fellow chatters, I called my diabetes Dr. who told me to take extra Glyburide instead.
    So, I am confused, is it really dangerous to be that high or is it in the eye of the beholder instead.
    Thank you for your replies!

  2. xMenace

    It is dangerous, but not likely acutely dangerous.
    It is possible for it to become accutely dangerous. More than a day in a row can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, a dangerous and possibly deadly condition. We're talking usually days, but it can happen fast in some.
    The biggest danger is complications, the longer term effects. There is no doubt that continued 400's will result in likely multiple of retinopathy , infection, amputation, nephropathy, heart disease, neuropathy, and possibly more. It is not medium term sustainable.

  3. Caravaggio

    For some people, when their blood sugar number is extremely high, they get blurred vision, become extremely dizzy, exhibit drunkenness, faint or show other physical/physiological symptoms that may cause them to be an immediate danger to themselves or others.

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