What If My Blood Sugar Is Over 300

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What Are The Consequences Of Having A Blood Sugar Level Over 300?

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is now regarded as a global health problem and can say this is a pandemic of human faces. This is especially true in the treatment of both in terms of number of users and sick, and the complications experienced by people with the disease. What is the danger? A large part of medical research has shown that diabetes have blood glucose dangerous areas. That's when your blood sugar is too low or too high. Low blood glucose above 60 mg / dl can lead to coma and even death higher blood glucose level 180mg / dl can be more damage to the vital organs of the body such as the heart, blood vessels, cause eyes, kidneys and nerves. On average there are 10 persons 8 persons with diabetes, heart disease and up to 75% of deaths in patients with type 2 diabetes are related to cardiovascular diseases, mainly as a result of myocardial infarction and cerebral stroke. Diabetic nephropathy is the most common cause of end-stage renal failure and diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness. Dangerous areas of diabetes as a concept is not new to doctors but also patients with diabetes are a lot of people do not know or have known, but did not understand the importanc Continue reading >>

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  1. system

    I was just got told my blood sugar was 380, My dialysis nurse said it had been over 300 for four months. I was not diabetic, looks like I am now. Isnt that a long time to wait before you treat someone when thier blood sugar is that high?

  2. Beth_Witten_MSW_ACSW

    How often do you have blood drawn? Was your last blood test drawn after fasting or right after you'd eaten?

    Typically when a high blood sugar is noted on a lab test, it is a good idea to repeat the test on a different day to see if it's still high. It's best if blood sugar is measured when someone hasn't eaten for at least 8 hours because food, especially high carbohydrate meals can affect blood sugar levels. According to the American Diabetes Association a random blood sugar test result over 200 indicates diabetes if other symptoms are present. Do you have other diabetes symptoms? - http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-symptoms.jsp

  3. system

    I have not been told yet I am diabetic, as a matter of fact my A1c test came back normal(5%). For a week now I have been checking my blood sugar every morning and every evening, In the mornings it runs between 350-380, in the evening between 210-260. Is there anything other than diabetis that could make my blood sugar run that high?[/b]

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