What Are Blood Sugar Symptoms

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How High Does Your Blood Sugar Have To Go Before You Feel Symptoms? What Are Those Symptoms Likely To Be?

Well, symptoms of diabetes: polyphagia (you eat a lot), polydipsia (you drink a lot), polyuria (you pee a lot - obvious because of polydipsia) and you lose weight (because you either don’t have enough insulin to channel glucose to your fat cells or your cells are insensitive to insulin or both). After some time you get secondary signs. One worse than the other! Skin and other infections. Loss of vision. Diabetic neuropathy. Gangraenes. Finally, you go to a diabetic ketoacidotic coma and die. Why don’t you stop eating carbs in the first place? PS. Normal sugar levels are 100 over 80 in old units or 3.3 to 6.6 in the new units. However, some people go around with huge blood glucose levels with no symptoms. This is a silent killer like hypertension. Continue reading >>

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  1. Georgen Thye

    Sometimes, there can be no sign and symptoms at all even though you’re actually experiencing a low blood sugar. This condition is called hypo unawareness which can be very dangerous. Hypo unawareness usually occur among people who has frequent hypo, this is when the brain has already gotten used the frequent occurrence of low blood sugar, making symptoms not showing.

  2. Janet McKenzie

    Originally Answered: What are the symptoms for having low blood sugar?

    In addition to the symptoms noted by Jagadish Ji, low blood sugar can also result in fatigue, irritability or moodiness, and headaches.

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  3. Nikhil Prabhu

    Originally Answered: What are the symptoms for having low blood sugar?

    Common Symptoms of Hypoglycemia includes :
    Adrenergic Symptoms :

    Numbness around mouth
    Neuro-glycopenic Symptoms : may require help or assistance from another person.

    Double Vision
    Lack of co-ordination
    Inappropriate behavior

    Permanent Brain Damage & DeathSource:
    Which Anti-Diabetes Medicines can Cause Low Blood Sugars or Hypoglycemia?


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