Weed And Blood Sugar

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Cannabis Use Associated With Lower Blood Sugar

A new study published in the American Journal of Medicine has revealed a potential benefit from the use of cannabis. The article, entitled “The Impact of Marijuana Use on Glucose, Insulin, and Insulin Resistance among U.S. Adults,” investigated the blood sugar-related effects of cannabis use among participants in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2005 to 2010. In several other studies of large populations, lower rates of both obesity and diabetes have been noted among users of cannabis, as compared with non-users. This curious fact encouraged the three primary authors of the study to examine cannabis use among the 4657 participants in the national survey. The researchers noted that although cannabis smokers generally consume more calories than non-users, they paradoxically live with lower body mass indexes (BMIs) and reduced rates of both obesity and diabetes. Of the participants in the national survey, 579 were currently using cannabis and 1975 had previously used cannabis. To assess blood glucose, insulin resistance and other factors among cannabis users, the authors organized survey participants into three groups – those who had never used cannabis, Continue reading >>

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  1. Ryang87

    Me and some friends rolled a small joint of some weed he called "hedis (sp?) " .... and passed it around, well i only took a couple hits off of this small joint and was pretty high, i felt it as soon as i took the first hit. Everything was going fine until about 10 minutes in i got the weirdest sensation that i had ever felt. Everything started feeling extremely fuzzy... my vision was getting darker and darker, everything was fading to black over a period of about 30 seconds. I had no idea what in the world was happening. I felt myself passing out, so i tried to stand up to go inside to the bathroom, i had absolutely no balance and actually fell back down into my chair. I shakily(very shaky) reached for a piece of bubble gum because i thought it might be low blood sugar, and i started to eat that, i did immediately start to feel better after chewing on that for a few seconds. Then i went to ask my friend Tania for some water and the voice that came out sounded so far away. I asked her for the water but to my hearing it sounded like i was in a tunnel. She turned to give me the water and she noticed that i was DRENCED in sweat. It was literally pouring down my face, and my clothes were soaked. Everyone's attention turned towards me and no one had any idea what happened, i tried explaining because at this point i was feeling a little better.
    I have no idea what happened, i figured it could be low blood sugar because of the bubble gum seeming to help me feel better but would i sweat like that even though it was cold outside? Does ANYONE have ANY explanation? After that epsiode wore off after about a minute, i did not return to a state of being high but returned to a somewhat normal but extremely dazed state of mind.

  2. Buzzby

    I suspect that joint was something other than marijuana. I've never heard of a reaction with those symptoms from marijuana. I can think of an off-topic plant that might produce them if smoked.
    You might Google "scopolamine" and "atropine".

  3. Mamabudz

    Headis...sometimes refers to the topmost flowering hads of a cannabis plant -- often referring to a sativa dominant plant -- which would cause the effect you are describing esepcially if you were not a heavy user and if you are prone to swings in blood sugar -- wither genetically pre-disposed or disposed from the normal eating pattens of our society.
    And yes, a severe hypoglycemic event would definitely cause you to feel dizzy, feel the tunnel vision that preceeds blacking out and your body would go into shock which would have as a symptom a cold sweat.
    Eating something would correct the event and proper nutrition should keep the event from re-occurring -- although if you have any further concerns a trip to your doctor would be worthwhile.
    BTW -- if you are a female -- your nutritional needs do change throughout the "month" and where you are within your menstrual cycle will effect both your nutritional needs and your response ot pot as well as everything else you plac ein your body. Just an FYI.

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