Weed And Blood Sugar

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How To Quit Weed Without Withdrawals Or Sleepless Nights

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  1. LitDoc

    Blood sugar and mood

    Hi all,
    For a long time I've noticed that I often wake up quite unhappy -- down in the dumps, dark thoughts, hopelessness, etc. In hindsight, I realize this often happens when I've had something sweet (chocolate, candy) to eat late at night, right before going to sleep.
    My question therefore is this: can blood sugar affect mood? If yes, does anyone have any experiences to share? Would high or low blood sugar affect mood the most? Or is there no difference? Or does it depend on the individual?
    Thanks to all -- I'm still grappling with so much.

  2. zpeishan

    low blood sugar makes me irritable, dazed and confused. i can get weepy when i was perfectly okay before that. when i had very high blood sugars before i got diagnosed, i only remember being very sluggish and tired all the time - i was very ill but didn't know how serious it was.

  3. Northerner

    Blood sugar levels do tend to influence moods, but again as with everything not all diabetics. If my blood sugars are about OK, my mood is generally OK. If they go really high, I tend to be really tired and very grumpy (husband would say venomous). Whether this is the effect of the sugar , or that I feel so rotten because of it isn't clear. It's can also be as a direct result of knowing you have this wretched disease, it can make you very depressed etc, as it would knowing you have any other illness.
    Oddly, if my bg levels are low (bearing in mind I am type II so don't get hypos, so low blood sugar levels for me, are what non diabetic peole would have), I feel much much better in my mood and energy levels.
    If you are in any doubt whether you have diabetes, get yourself checked out by the Dr. I could give you a list of symptoms, but not everyone has them who is diabetic and many people may have similar symptoms for a very different reason. In the mean time, if you know that foods high in sugar do affect you, you can follow i diabetic diet and be really healthy withiout having diabetes.
    Good luck with it all.

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