Type 1 Diabetes Blood Sugar Before Labor

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Labor, Delivery + After With Type 1 Diabetes

WRITTEN BY: Pamela Hoffman, MPH Editor’s Note: If you are pregnant and have Type 1, take this survey on Glu and help field research for future generations of mothers. Can I just pat you on the back for a bit, Mama? You are doing an amazing job with your pregnancy! You have assembled a medical team you trust to guide you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy, courageously navigated the fluctuating blood sugars and hormones that come along with the first and second trimesters, and you’re now waddling around with the best of them! Your baby is so lucky to have a mother who loves him or her so much that she is striving to keep both of you as healthy as possible. You are going to be a great mom! No guilt allowed here – you are doing your best! You cannot wait to meet your new bundle of joy, but you might be feeling anxious about what to expect when your water breaks or your OB/GYN announces “it’s time.” We want to share some tips to help you better prepare for your labor and delivery, as well as offer some advice for taking care of you and your new baby upon arriving home. Manage stress Don’t let the stresses of managing your Type 1 take away from the joys of your pre Continue reading >>

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  1. thesmiths88

    I'm wondering about this as I'm now coming up to 37 weeks. A week last Wed I had my last GD clinic appointment until I'm induced at 38+4. I have noticed that my blood sugar levels have been quite low in the last week, a lot lower than I would have thought. I've not changed my insulin or my diet and tonight I had pasta which should have given me a high reading, it came out at around 5.5 which I was very surprised about!
    I can't really find much info on the net, so I thought I'd ask here .... do your sugar levels drop during the last few weeks?

  2. Caezzybe

    This was discussed in another thread a couple of months ago. I dont want to worry you, but you need to speak to your diabetes midwife/nurse about this as it could be a sign that the placenta isn't functioning as well as it could be and it's probably safer to get it checked out.
    *edit* Here is a link to the thread I am talking about:

  3. thesmiths88

    Thanks for that - I've got a call into my diabetes nurse and waiting for a call back. Hopefully I'm worrying about nothing!

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