Stress And Low Blood Sugar

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Neurotransmitters, Adrenals, Blood Sugar & Nutrition

The adrenal glands are a primary stress response organ and play a key secondary role in raising blood sugar. Primarily performed by pancreas-originating glucagon, adrenal hormones, like cortisol, and neurotransmitters like epinephrine, contribute to raising blood sugar as well. Since glucose in the blood is critical for brain function, the body employs a tight web of control using several mechanisms to regulate blood sugar levels. When blood sugar is physiologically detected as low, glucagon is secreted by the pancreas to promote the release of glycogen from the liver. This same mechanism is how epinephrine (aka adrenaline) raises blood sugar in the body. Epinephrine is also released during times of acute stress such as a threat or noxious stimuli. Epinephrine is directly mediated by the central nervous system (CNS) through the sympathetic nerve system, which stimulates the adrenal medulla. Epinephrine also has several functions beyond glucose release. It raises heart and respiratory rate, and also causes the release of fatty acids into the blood. It is now believed that many symptoms of what used to be referred to as ‘reactive hypoglycemia’ are sensitivities to epinephrine rel Continue reading >>

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  1. Artscotty

    Hi guys newbie here. Two months ago, after a weight-lifting routine and lifting some heavy boxes, my left arm and left legs went all wonky. Wife brought me to ER. (Stroke fear). 3 MRI and 2 CT scans later it seems I have DDD. My whole spine, mostly cervical, is pretty bad. But......NO pain. Weakness and wooden feeling in hands, tingling in face hands legs, and a bit of foot flop....very slight. Neuro-surgeon put me on conservative treatment thank God. Taking PT and after 8 sessions the symptoms are not much better. I guess it takes time friends?
    My brain MRI showed no MS or stroke. about my thread title: When my blood sugar is low and also after a coffee or two my symptoms are worse. I was thinking scalene muscles getting tight? Stress also puts me in instant tingling. Like when someone cuts me off , driving.
    My doctor and PT guy laugh when I tell them this, but when I drink a scotch or two or have a couple of beers, I am like a new man: No symptoms. I can't get a straight answer on why and don't want to become an alcoholic.
    The booze helps me way more than muscle relaxers. Any ideas?????

  2. Alcie

    Idea 1 - don't become an alcoholic! Alcohol relaxes the muscles, but it's not a treatment or cure!!! Any idea what's causing the degeneration? I think most of us on the forum have some type of spine problem. I'm getting old and have just had too many accidents (not vehicle).
    PT takes time, months or more. You have to keep up the work at home, not just at the sessions. I think I'd scrap the weight lifting at least until I had a reliable diagnosis and cure. You don't want to make things worse! Would taking calcium or a bone restoring pill help? You need other minerals in the diet to make the calcium work.
    Ask your doctor about trying another muscle relaxant, maybe just at night. They tend to make you sleepy, so be careful when you take it, like before driving. I went through maybe 8 or ten before finding one that works for me and doesn't make me sleepy all day.
    Speaking of driving, take a deep breath and let the guy in. You want to get in sometimes too. Pay it forward. People see my grey hair and let me in. It makes me smile. Maybe get a grey wig (Ha-ha.)
    Maybe see a neurologist or a pain doc. They have different points of view from neurosurgeons. Pain docs, only the ones with the anesthesiologist training, are especially good with cervical spine issues.

  3. straydog

    Hi Derek, welcome aboard. Good to know all of your testing has checked out well. As far as DDD goes, millions of people have it & do not know it until they have an MRI or CT Scan. Like you, they have an incident happen & have scans done & there it is. Not sure if you have done a lot of lifting in the past or not, that can give cause.
    Granted none of us are drs here & can't diagnose you for sure. However, reading between the lines I am picking up on some stress & anxiety here. Alcohol is calming you down & the symptoms go away. It relaxes you. But alcohol is not how to get past this.
    PT doesn't give instant relief & you need to be doing home exercises. If you can ask the dr about aqua therapy. A warm pool can be beneficial & relaxing. Go online & look for relaxation techniques.
    I hope you can find something that will help.
    Moderator in Chronic Pain & Psoriasis Forums

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