Should Blood Sugar Rise After Eating

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Want To Know If Your Diet Is Healthy? Track Your Blood Sugar.

Are you confused if what you are eating is healthy? Are whole grains good for us? Do we need to be gluten free? Should we be eating dairy regularly? What about fruit? Nuts? Beans? Ahhhhhhhh! Let’s face it, there is A LOT of conflicting diet information out there. Where do you even start? Well it all comes down to one very basic thing…your blood sugar. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to take weeks of diet diaries and calorie counting. Nor does it require reading endless books, websites, studies, and journals to get the most up-to-date nutrition advice. It is really quite simple, and it can be tested. Wouldn’t it be great to know when you eat something how the inside of your body responds? Does it give you the green light or the red light? Well, you can learn this with a very inexpensive piece of equipment that you can find at any drug store or pharmacy called a glucose meter or glucometer. Click here for a video tutorial on how to test your blood sugar. ……. So, ask your body what it thinks of the food you are eating by taking your blood sugar. Here is a quick & very basic break down on how your blood sugar works. Step 1: You eat a food Step 2: It get Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. dwelldon

    how long after eating does blood sugar peak?

    I have just had a curry for tea, I tested my blood and it was 15.
    how long after eating does blood sugar peak?
    And how long will it take to return to normal?
    I am newly diagnosed so just looking for information

  2. Andy12345

    i believe it depends on what you ate but i also believe 45 minutes is a general peak, then 2 hours is how well your body has dealt with it, if i eat 2 slices of toast my numbers are way high all that day and even into the next, dont know why though

  3. mo1905

    Andy is correct. Certain foods peak at different times according to their GI. Ideally, you hope to get your BG levels down to pre-meal levels after approx 2 hours. Different people react differently to different foods also.

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