Pagkain Para Bumaba Ang Blood Sugar

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Worried Over Elevated Sgpt

I submitted myself for a routine medical exam last Wednesday. Blood tests, x-rays, physical, eye and dental exams were done. I knew I was completely healthy, except that I was worried about my x-rays – that they might see something there because I have been having on and off cough and colds, due to weather changes. I also did not get my annual dose of flu vaccine last year. I got the results today (after two days), and surprisingly, they found something else, instead of abnormal x-ray findings. They found that my serum SGPT is elevated. How much, that I have to clear tomorrow to the doctor. I was informed on the phone that I have to see the doctor so she can prescribe something for this problem. As a medical professional, I know I should not get worried about it because I know it is something that can be treated. But to be honest, I got really worried. First, something is wrong with my body. Second, I might be rejected from the job I am applying. Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase (SGPT also known as Alanine Aminotransferase or ALT) is an enzyme that is normally found in the liver, but not exclusively. It is released into the blood during liver damage, so it is more or less a ve Continue reading >>

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  1. bleudskymd

    @ hunn
    No. Even if she refers you to an Endocrinologist, most probably the Endo will also say the same thing or manage you the same way - diet (hopefully it will work), & additional laboratory work-up as confirmatory tests.

  2. blueberryalmond

    Hi mga sis, hope you could help me. My GD was diagnosed at week 4 of my pregnancy. I'm on my 7th week now and on my 3rd day of insulin. 20 units Every breakfast lang ang riseta sakin. 3 heavy meals with 3 snacks in between. Ok naman on the first two days pero nanotice ko nun morning snack ko mejo nanginginig ako nun day 1 and 2. Earlier I had a hypoglycemia episode mejo scary. I was supposed to take my am snack at 10 am pero nagnap ako so i snoozed my alarm. I woke up 10:15 sweating profusely, I felt cold and was shaking. I checked my blood glucose immediately, it was 32. I panicked kasi super baba nito. I immediately drank 1 pineapple juice, ate several danish cookies and ate my am merienda of wheat bread with cheezwhiz. After 10 mins, i checked my BG again it was 58. Natakot ako kasi mababa pa din so i ate more danish cookies and ate 1 kiwi. Nakatulog ako for 1 hr and 20 mins, i checked my BG and it was 120 na. I had late lunch nalang kasi kakakain ko lang, after 1 hr my BG was 128. 1 hr after dinner BG was 89 and nagcheck din ako 1 hr after night snack it is 86. My endocrinologist didn't give her number, email lang. I sent her an email na pero wala pa reply. Mejo panic lang ulit ako now kasi mababa pa din to diba? What will I do? Ayoko matulog kasi natatakot ako mahypo ulit.

  3. hunn

    Thanks sa reply, bleudskymd for now, im watching what i eat na,no cheating..hehe..hopefully next screening will have good results na
    by the way, can u recommend foods to eat to control high blood sugar? my diet now is wheat bread, Quaker Oats (choco flavor po, is this a no-no?), 1 cup rice with fish or any lean meat (lunch only), bfast and dinner i don't eat rice..i hope I'm doing the right thing considering I don't have guidance pa from an endocrinologist/dietitian. Thank you

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