Normal Range For Blood Glucose

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Does Metformin Affect Wound Healing – 266954

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  1. Shruti Padmanabhan

    If it is consistently higher, yes, it is a cause of worry. Our fasting sugar levels must be close to 85 mg/dl. Anything above 85 increases risks of health complications. For example, a fasting blood sugar consistently above 85 mg/dl increases your risk of cardiovascular diseases by almost 60%!

  2. Nathan Green

    Technically fasting blood sugar over 90 is bad for you. Between 100 and 125 is considered pre-diabetes (Joslin Diabetes Center) and is definitely a problem. Your odds of developing type 2 diabetes is substantially increased at this point. Your 15 year risk is probably at least 25%, possibly much higher.

  3. Lily Kiswani

    Please click on the link . This blog provides all the details. Yes, a fasting level above 85 is associated with risk of complications.

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