Low Blood Sugar Symptoms Without Low Blood Sugar

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Presentation And Symptom Predictors Of Coronary Heart Disease In Patients With And Without Diabetes Marjorie Funk

Sacred Heart University [email protected] Nursing Faculty Publications College of Nursing Janice B. Naum Kerry A. Milner Sacred Heart University, [email protected] Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Cardiology Commons, Critical Care Nursing Commons, Diagnosis Commons, Emergency Medicine Commons, and the Endocrine System Diseases Commons This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the College of Nursing at [email protected] It has been accepted for inclusion in Nursing Faculty Publications by an authorized administrator of [email protected] For more information, please contact [email protected], [email protected] Recommended Citation Funk, Marjorie; Naum, Janice B.; Milner, Kerry A.; and Chyun, Deborah, "Presentation and Symptom Predictors of Coronary Heart Disease in Patients With and Without Diabetes" (2001). Nursing Faculty Publications. 38. Presentation and Symptom Predictors of Coronary Heart Disease in Patients With and Without Diabetes MARJORIE FUNK, PHD, RN, FAAN,* JANICE B. NAUM, MSN, APRN, CEN,†KERRY A. MILNER, DNSC, RN,* AND DEBORAH CHYUN, PHD, RN* The aims of this prospective, observational study were to compare Continue reading >>

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  1. thatanthrochick

    Just curious. When you go low, how many does it take you? I used to just drink juice or eat some candy, but recently I've been going low in the middle of the night, so I invested in a bottle of glucose tablets because I thought they'd be easy to keep at my bedside and they would work quickly. I haven't used them since I was a kid, and then it only took one, sometimes two. Now it takes me between four and six, depending on how low I am. So, how many does it take you?

  2. chochets

    They usually have 4 carbs each. Recommendations are to take 4 tabs, or 16 g of carbs if your blood sugars are below 70 mg/dL or 4.0 mmol/L. if you are are below 55 mg/dL or 3.0 mmol/L take 5 glucose tabs for a total of 20 carbs.
    6 life savers, 10 jelly beans 3/4 cup of juice will also provide you with roughly 15 g of quick carb and will do the same thing as the glucose tabs. As far as I'm concerned, the glucose tabs take too long to consume, don't taste very good, and are friggin expensive!

  3. thatanthrochick

    This is good advice> thank you. I think I must be the only diabetic here who actually likes the way they taste. Only the orange ones.

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