Is Sugar Level Increases During Pregnancy?

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Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar During Pregnancy

At some point during your pregnancy, your obstetrician will hand over a small bottle of a sugary flavored drink and ask you to down it just before you come to your next appointment. Within about 60 minutes of taking the drink, you'll have a blood sample taken. This is the glucose screening test for gestational diabetes, or high blood sugar during pregnancy. Between two and 10 of every 100 pregnant women in the United States develop gestational diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nearly every pregnant woman under a doctor’s care will take this test because, in some cases, it won’t present visible symptoms. Video of the Day The tricky part about gestational diabetes is that while a pregnant woman is dealing with nausea, backaches, headaches and all the other symptoms of a normal pregnancy, symptoms of increased blood sugar won't necessarily be apparent, notes the Texas Children's Hospital website. However, you could experience blurred vision, fatigue, increased thirst and urination, nausea or vomiting, frequent infections or weight loss despite an increased appetite. Risk Factors for Gestational Diabetes Due to the typical lack of symptoms, doct Continue reading >>

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  1. George Butler

    Is it normal? Well it certainly is not abnormal but it depends on what the meal consisted of, how much of it you ate and your insulin response.
    To begin with, there is nothing for you to worry about with a reading like that.
    Different foods are absorbed at different rates into the body. Carbohydrates are usually quickest in turning into glucose but different carbohydrates have different rates of absorption (glycemic index). Proteins are slower and fats take an entirely different route.
    The rise and fall of the blood glucose level can therefore be quick and high or long and low. Picking a number that says your are ok is difficult but in the UK the number is less than 8.5 after two hours. Since your 94 only equates to a little over 5 after one hour then I would say it is surprisingly low.
    If you start to feel ill or the reading continues to drop then look up reactive hypoglycemia which is where too much insulin is released and makes you go hypo. This is a rare condition and a little in dispute in some quarters but it seems to happen nevertheless.

    Hypos After Eating - Reactive Hypoglycemia

  2. Cheryl Johnson

    As long as it is not still dropping, there is no problem. Some people do have a disorder called hypoglycemia where their blood sugar goes too low. If you can do the test again after another half hour and it is still above 70, you are OK. Not actually sure about the exact number that would mean you have a problem. If your blood sugar is 50 mg/dl one hour after a meal, you should probably talk to your doctor immediately.

  3. Aurel Porumbescu

    Excellent answers: all I could add is that it’d be interesting to also know what the BG level was just before having that meal and the meal’s composition. For example, a small paleo meal would not be expected to increase your BG after only one hour by more than 30. (And let’s not forget that, if you are insulin-dependent, that basal insulin has been working: i.e., glucose is clearing out of the blood as new glucose arrives.)

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