How To Pass 3 Hour Glucose Test

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Don’t Eat The Cucumber And Other Helpful Tips For The Gestational Diabetes Tests

This is not my first rodeo. Three pregnancies in four years and you’d think I could walk through the pre-natal care routine backwards with my eyes closed, but no. No, I made some rookie mistakes last week and I want to share them so that a) you don’t do the same thing b) I remember for the next time, if there is one. Just writing the words “next time” right now makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and find a corner to rock in. But I digress. The one-hour gestational diabetes glucose test: It has a reputation that precedes it, and any formerly pregnant woman anywhere will strike up conversation about that blessed orange drink. First of all, the drink for this test is not as bad as lore makes it out to be. (Isn’t that true of so many things in pregnancy and birth? Hype does not equal reality.) I remember being pleasantly surprised during my first pregnancy to discover that it is carbonated and pretty much tastes like Orange Crush soda. Even for a non-pop drinker, I don’t think it is as much of a shock to the system as we preggos like to yack about. For those who don’t know, you drink the soda, wait for an hour, and then they draw a vile of blood and test your Continue reading >>

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  1. thewheelsonthebus

    I took my 1hr glucose test yesterday morning… fasted for 12 hours per the lab’s instructions and had nothing but water. And it sucked. And I totally failed the test. By a lot.

  2. MarryMeTiffany

    With DS (now 3.5) I failed the first glucose test and had to do the dreaded 3 hour one! I won’t lie it really sucked but I did pass the 3 hour test and never ended up with gestational diabetes.

  3. mwitter80

    I did! The 1 hour didn’t impact me at all, but the 3 hour did have an effect, so make sure you clear your day. I felt so tired and sick.

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