How Low Is Too Low For Blood Sugar

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Does Metformin Affect Wound Healing – 266954

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  1. lizzistardust

    Do old test strips give false readings?

    I just recently became worried that I could have pre-diabetes (because of a series of yeast infections that keep coming back, plus my unhealthy diet and weight). I have a glucometer from when a veterinarian incorrectly diagnosed my cat with diabetes about a year ago. (What a long, weird story that is!) It's a normal Walgreens glucometer designed for people, so I thought I'd take a peek at my blood sugar before eating anything this morning, and maybe that'd give me an idea of whether I should rush to the doctor or just stop being so paranoid. It first gave me a reading of 234, then 249 a minute later.
    But it seems to me that I'd be having a lot of symptoms if my fasting blood sugar were actually that high, but I've felt fine and haven't been crazy thirsty or anything. Is it likely that the glucometer needs new blood strips? (The ones I used were opened about a year ago, and have been closed up in the little tub since then.)
    And yes, I know I should go to a doctor about any concerns like this. I will as soon as I have either health insurance or money.

  2. Terrie

    Welcome Lizzi:
    Gee, I'm sorry that you don't have insurance. Way too much of that going around.
    Non-Diabetics do get yeast infections also. There are many reasons for it.
    As far as not having symptoms of Diabetes, that is not uncommon for Type 2's. That is one reason why they go undiagnosed for years. Many of them find out by accident, that they have it.
    Blood glucose test strips are guaranteed for 3 months even though they may be Good for a couple months later. If a Diabetic uses them past the expiry date, then they are on their own and can't complain to anyone.
    I have run across Diabetics who use them past the expiry date and say they work Fine. I haven't tried it past the expiry nor would I. If I have to poke myself then it better be the for the right number or close to the right number. I definitely would not use strips that are expired by a year. Yes, get new strips.
    You could have Diabetes even so. Famous last words: "And yes, I know I should go to a doctor about any concerns like this". Beg, borrow or steal....okay, don't steal but please see your Dr. about this somehow, soon.
    Good Luck.

  3. JPolito830

    Strips have expiration dates, so you should probably check the bottle.

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