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Sugar Level Table

Check out this chart that details the sugar content of fruit. You’ll learn what the fruits are with the highest and lowest sugar content. A+ fasting blood sugar level table | diabetes Do Grapes Raise Blood Sugar? … International Table of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Values: 2002; … Carrots & Blood Sugar Level; Blood Sugar Levels: How High Glucose Levels Affect … – WebMD Blood Sugar Level Chart and Information – Disabled World Blood Sugar – this term describes the amount of glucose in blood. Usually described in moles per liter or milligrams per deciliter. the standard level of blood sugar … Blood Sugar Level Ranges. … The following table lays out criteria for diagnoses of diabetes and prediabetes. Blood sugar levels in diagnosing diabetes Table 1 Blood Sugar … Monitoring your blood sugar levels is very important and one the best ways of this is to keep a blood sugar level chart.A blood sugar chart … Blood Sugar Chart ,Level Chart — e-Tools Age Why is your blood sugar level important? … Normal blood sugar 1 – 2 hours after eating. … here is table for your guidance about the normal and abnormal of blood … Blood Sugar Level Chart and Information – Continue reading >>

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  1. Lodewijkp

    hyperinsulinemia ???

    little history about me... i have seen different doctors - right now im also supervised by a neuro-psychiatrist , i had visited 9 psychiatrists ( who couldn't explain my psychological symptoms and even told me it was probably something physical ). i had several blood work tests.. thyroid tests, gluten intolerance test etc.
    almost my whole life i have been suffering from mild to severe depression
    prior to going on a low GI diet i had poor eyesight, everything was blurry
    my low GI diet is mostly raw foods ( except eggs and fish ) .. veggies, fish, nuts, seeds, sprouts, low to moderate amount of fruit... no refined foods, no gluten, no dairy.. i do take vitamins, minerals, proteine shakes, stuff like 5-HTP etc.
    itching and allergic like symptoms manifest only last few years
    last few years i get cold hands and feet and i cannot do anything to warm them up
    i cannot eat anything without getting a reaction... brainfog, loss of concentration, depression, blurry eyesight these manifest with eating only fats and proteines...eating carbohydrates gives me additional symptoms like cold hands and feet,muscle weakness, blurry eyesight, manic episodes, mood swings, suicidal episodes, memory problems, slurred speech, alters perception of time and blackouts without losing conciousness.
    insomnia is almost persistent
    other symptoms which are less commmon are temperature changes... i get extremely warm even in cold weather, extreme cold in warm or cold enviroments. loss of pain sensation - almost feeling no physical pain at all.
    both known and unknown disorders including auto immune diseases run in the family
    i did multiple OGTT tests.... i found out i had hypoglycemia by doing the test at home with a glucose meter measuring glucose every 30 minutes. 2:30 hours after taking 70 gram of sugars i had a value of 3.2 Mol/L.. it went down to 2.8 Mmol/L...at at 3:30 hours symptoms still manifested but blood sugar got back to 4.0 and never got higher - it seems to fluctuate between 3.8 and 4.2 at this point. i literally felt like **** and eating after the test did not make me feel better at all, yes it increase the glucose levels but 15 minutes after eating some honey to relieve the symptoms i got a terrible brainfog, depression and manic episodes.
    i showed my own test to my doctor and he appointed me to get a OGTT test in the hospital... Same results.. 3.15 hours after taking 70 gram of glucose blood glucose values went down to 2.5 Mol/ L . another doctor decided to measure my insulin , it turned out to be 58 uIU/ml. he stopped the test at this point and toldme to eat and drink.
    after this i was sent to a endocrinologist...she called me a few days later and she said is was a rare clinical picture and probably a rare disorder ?
    she told me to repeat a OGTT test in the hospital next morning.. the objective of this test was to measure another hormone ( probably cortisol ). this test was also a OGTT but it only took 2 hours... later that afternoon/evening when i was home my face and neck turned brown ( more like a tan ) and i had regular blackouts - not fainting just losing perception of time and memory, i also got nasty tachycardia which lasted 2 hours.
    today i went to her office to discuss the results of the latest test..suddenly she said she couldn't find anything and she told me my condition was something psychological... after telling her that is the nonsense that multiple doctors told me she suddenly said she couldn't help me because she didn't know what to look for.... i was being neutral but after i left the office i was angry as hell.
    i decided to take 200 grams of sugar and repeat a OGTT at home.... all symptoms manifested later.. instead of 2:30 and 3:30 hours after ingestion low blood glucose happened after 4:30 and 5:00 hours after ingestion.. 5:00 hours after ingestion my blood glucose levels 2.8 Mol/L ( i test every 30 minutes ) but it probably went lower than that between measurments.
    taking large amount of carbohydrates give hypoglycemia but much later
    smaller amounts give hypoglycemia much sooner
    doesn't matter how much i take.. wether it's 40, 70, 130 or 200 grams of sugar.. blood values always drop to 2.5
    The worst symptoms are not during hypoglycemia .. the worst symptoms start 15 minutes after eating carbohydrates i just have to lay on the couch for a few hours because of muscle weakness and lethargy.
    i went from doing competitive sports, studying and working to nothing. i spend most days on the couch .. i almost never have any good days... my concentration problems caused me to never finish any eduation, my physical fatigue stopped me from doing sports.. my depression and mood swings have lead to poor choices in life .. my manic episodes prevent me from having a relationship. i have tried anti-depressants and MAO-inhibitors but nothing works and tried to kill myself once..last few years i try to study chemistry, biology and medical books in order to found out whats wrong with me but my poor concentration halts the process and im keep running into walls and doctors who don't know and who tell me it's just psychological. i try to not give a **** about myself and be objective otherwise i would worry to much about my financial and emotional situation.
    i tried so many supplements and herbs and nothing really helps...medicinal cannabis ( legal over here ) seems to help a bit but it enhances the brainfog and memory problems and sometimes makes me paranoid, it's just not my cup of tea.
    does anyone have a clue or know someone with a similar situation ?

  2. Nan OH

    #1 - why do you keep taking sugar?
    #2 - any meter can be +/- 20% at any one test
    #3 - Biggest help to Most (not all) people with hypoglycemia is to eat small amounts frequently. Not sugar which just sends you on a roller-coaster of ups and down. Protein snacks like nuts or seeds, cheese seem to be very helpful.
    Your symptoms sound like Reactive Hypoglycemia but I'm not doctor and can not diagnose you. The quick rise of your Blood Glucose Levels due to sugar then the quick drop in those levels will or can explain your vision, depression, memory problems.
    If natural fats like olive oil, coconut oil, butter are eaten with the protein it helps to prolong the absorption of the carbohydrates into your system. My only suggestion would be to try some variation in your eating habits and see if you get any relief. Most medical people will never give you this option.
    We are all different and this could work for you, but then again, maybe not. Good Luck

  3. jwags

    I cannot believe doctors. They assume if BG is low that is good. Of course we know it is not. Do some research on Reactive Hypoglcemia. Many type 2's start out with reactive hypos before the pancreas burns out. Usually the pattern is when you eat carbs you spike intially but your pancreas produces too much insulin, crashing your bgs. Get a copy of Dr William Davis's Wheat Belly. Many of the symptoms you described are described in his book as a response to eating modern wheat and grains. Eliminating these from your diet should help.

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