How Long Does It Take Cinnamon To Lower Blood Sugar

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Cinnamon And Diabetes: An Update

About nine years ago (way back in 2006), I wrote about cinnamon and diabetes. To this date, people still ask questions and post comments about this topic. Since then, more research is available that (hopefully) sheds more light on whether cinnamon lowers blood sugars and HbA1c (a measure of blood sugar control over the previous 2–3 months) — or not. Let’s take a look at where things stand in 2015. Back then A study that I cited in 2006 was one published in the journal Diabetes Care back in 2003 by Khan et al. The researchers gave different doses (1, 3, or 6 grams) of cassia cinnamon to subjects with Type 2 diabetes for 40 days. All three groups of subjects had an improvement in their fasting blood sugar levels, as well as their lipid (blood fat) levels. As a result of this study, many people have jumped on the cinnamon bandwagon, so to speak, taking cinnamon supplements, adding cinnamon sticks to tea, and sprinkling cinnamon on their foods. In addition, much debate has occurred regarding the type of cinnamon that’s best to use for diabetes: cassia or ceylon. Where we are now Khan’s study certainly created a firestorm and has led to more research on the use of cinnamon for Continue reading >>

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  1. suecsdy


    I have read here on the website about the use of cinnamon to help lower bs, so yesterday I picked up some cinnamon caps to take and also fresh cinnamon for cooking. For those of you who have tried this, how long does it take to see some results from this? I'd like to know when I should expect to see any difference…1 week, 2 weeks, a month?

  2. Knitting Bubbie

    I read the info about cinnamon capsules on this site, and even bought some. Then I decided to check the Internet for info about side effects of cinnamon capsules. Some are very frightening, including kidney and liver damage. You might want to check this out.

  3. suecsdy

    I did read that info, but chose to try anyway. After about 2 weeks, it kicked in and my bs dropped to under 100 pretty regularly. I would still like to get a little lower, but as long as I have a little progress in the right direction, I'm happy.

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