How Does Blood Sugar Affect Sleep

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Diabetes And Sleep

Tweet Sleep can affect your blood sugar levels and your blood glucose control can also affect your sleep, which results in trouble sleeping. Difficulty getting a good night's rest could be a result of a number of reasons, from hypos at night, to high blood sugars, sleep apnea, being overweight or signs of neuropathy. If you have blood sugar levels that are either too high or too low overnight, you may find yourself tired through the next day. Lethargy and insomnia can both have their roots in blood sugar control and can be a key in re-establishing a healthy sleep pattern.. Getting a good night’s sleep The following may help to promote better sleep: Keep your blood glucose under control Ensure your bed is large and comfortable enough – and pillows at a comfortable height Ensure your room is cool (around 18 degrees celcius) and well ventilated Ensure your room is dark and free from noise – if this is not possible, you may benefit from a sleeping blindfold or ear plugs Incorporating a period of exercise into each day Stick to a regular bed time Can a lack of sleep be a cause of diabetes? Research has shown that sleep deprivation and insulin resistance may be linked. People who r Continue reading >>

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  1. lipsie

    How does your sleep affect your sugar levels?

    Just curious to know how other people respond with less/more sleep than normal with their sugar readings? I am not sure about over sleeping because I don't know the meaning of that,lol but little sleep definately makes my sugars run low. Thanks! Sheila

  2. ownedmanatee

    I don't know if this applies to everyone, but the less sleep I get, the higher my wake up BG.

  3. DawnRPenque

    So much of diabetes has nothing to do with what you eat. When you do not eat your liver releases glucose into your bloodstream naturally, it's just that a diabetic does not have the insulin or the two aren't working well together as in type II Diabetes and your blood sugar levels go up. There are medications that can treat that. Janumet (metformin and januvia) and Byetta. Both worked very well for me but the insurance companies don't pay for them because they are not generic.

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