How Does A Blood Glucose Meter Work?

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Die Dokumentation der Werte ist fr ein erfolgreiches Diabetes Management unerlsslich. Dank Accu-Chek Smart Pix gehren umstndliche Eintragungen in Diabetes-Tagebcher genauso der Vergangenheit an, wie diese Notizen einmal zu vergessen. Das Auslesegert lsst sich per USB-Kabel problemlos mit einem Computer verbinden. Es muss keine Software installiert werden, daher kann jeder beliebige PC verwendet werden. Anne fhrt vor, wie kinderleicht die Daten ausgewertet werden knnen - ideal auch fr eher ungebte Computer-Nutzer. In kurzen Videos zeigt Ihnen Anne die Funktionsweise des Blutzuckermesssystems - vom ersten Auspacken bis zum Diabetes Management. Viel Spa! Alle Videos und weitere Informationen unter: http://www.accu-chek.de/produkte

How To Test Blood Sugar | Accu-chek

The steps are similar for many meters, and generally look like this: Wash and dry your handsusing warm water may help the blood flow.1 Turn on the meter and prepare a test strip as outlined in your owner's booklet. Many Accu-Chek meters turn on automatically when a strip is inserted. Choose your spotdon't check from the same finger all the time. Using the side of the fingertip may be less painful than the pads.1 Prepare the lancing device according to the user guide provided, then lance your fingertip or other approved site to get a drop of blood.2 Touch and hold the test strip opening to the drop until it has absorbed enough blood to begin the test. View your test result and take the proper steps if your blood sugar is high or low, based on your healthcare professionals' recommendations. Record the results in a logbook, hold them in the meter's memory or download to an app or computer so you can review and analyze them later. For meter-specific instructions on how to test your blood sugar levels, visit the Accu-Chek Support page for your meter. 1Joslin Diabetes Center. Tips for more pain-free blood glucose monitoring. Available at: . Accessed March 11, 2016. 2Talk with your healt Continue reading >>

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  1. Steph32

    Just curious. I'll actually be doing the new 2 hour test... where they get a fasting number, 1 hour and 2 hour numbers. I know for a fact I will pass the fasting but I WILL miserably fail the 1 hour draw. I prick myself at home just to see (I had GD with my first pregnancy) and the 1 hour is almost always above 140, sometimes even 190. But the 2 hour is always back to normal. I tend to spike fast and then come down pretty easily. And my fasting numbers are always fine too.
    So I'm just wondering how accurate these tests really are at diagnosing GD. And how important the first hour number really is... seeing that my BG goes down pretty fast, which is more important in the diagnosis of GD - the 1 hour or 2 hour number?

  2. taterbean

    I had to take my first test at 11 weeks. I failed the 1-hour but passed the 3-hour. The 3-hour, like the 2-hour, is graded as a whole, not just but the blood levels at a certain point. When you take the 2-hour, it's generally the only test you take, so if you fail, you just start seeing a nutritionist rather than having to drink the nastiness again.
    Since I failed my 1-hour the first time, when it came time to do it again, I told them to just give me the 3-hour so I could avoid having to come back to do it.
    With the 2-hour GTT, you're not allowed to have any failing numbers. ADA standards say just one failing number gets you diagnosed with GD. With the 3-hour glucose test, you can fail 1 of the 4 blood draws and still be considered normal, but if you fail 2, you're diagnosed with GD.
    If you Google 2-hour glucose test, the top search result will give you a lot of info on the ADA numbers for GD and diabetes testing.

  3. Steph32

    I know the standards and the rules for diagnosis for all the glucose challenge tests... I've done tons of research since being diagnosed last time. I was just wondering how common it really is to fail the 1 hour (in any test) and pass the subsequent hours (have a number below what is considered the cut off point). I also kind of question what is really "normal" ranges for a pregnant woman, and if I truly have GD if my fasting and my 2 hour numbers are fine. So I guess I'm just trying to look beyond all the standards and what the ADA says, and really ask, just what is really normal and acceptable for a pregnant woman... since our blood sugars tend to go up a bit anyway when pregnant.

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How to set up a blood glucose meter the On Call Vivid blood glucose monitor. This video shows the pack contents for the On Call Vivid diabetes monitor, how to fit the batteries and how to set the glucose meter up ready for use.

When To Get A New Blood Glucose Meter?

I have had my current glucose meter for over 10 years. When should one consider getting a new meter? As long as the manufacturer still makes the strips, does it matter? Can meters become unreliable? Karen Adsit, Chattanooga, Tennessee Belinda Childs, ARNP, MN, BC-ADM, CDE, responds: When I am asked this question in the office, I usually answer that the glucose meter you are using is acceptable as long as it is giving you accurate readings. The best way to know if your meter is accurate is to use the "glucose control" solution for your brand of glucose meter and strips. The meter companies recommend that you do this with each new bottle of test strips and any time you suspect that you may not be getting accurate readings. However, the glucose control solution is generally only good for 30 days after you open the bottle. Some health care providers correlate meters with lab readings, but you must remember that there can be as much as a 10 to 15 percent variation between the readings you get with your meter from one test to the next, as well as between a home test and a lab result. The key to your question, though, is that you have not had a new meter in more than 10 years. Technology Continue reading >>

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  1. MAYS

    How Low Can Your Blood Glucose Level Go Safely?

    Low blood sugar can result in weakness, confusion, headache, irritability, excessive hunger, excessive sweating or fatigue.
    The normal range of blood sugar is 80 - 120 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter) in the morning (after fasting for at least 8 hours). Normally, if the level drops below 70 mg/dL, the person is said to suffer from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels.
    You may experience trembling and if your blood sugar still drops down, you could have a seizure. Increasing glucose intake, like drinking fruit juice, can help raise your blood glucose.
    The ideal blood glucose levels range for you may be different from another person's and the level of glucose in blood would keep on changing throughout the day.
    Similarly, the point at which the severe effects of insufficient blood sugar would be experienced may vary from person to person.
    For some, sugar level below 70 mg/dL can be hypoglycemic, while for others the 'trigger point' can be at 60 mg/dL.
    So, you need to consult your doctor about how much of blood sugar should be running, to keep you safe. He will tell you what blood sugar range is normal for you.


    Lows are extremely dangerous, people who continue to go low often quit getting the warning signs. That is right your system will quit warning you until you like a light switch go into seizures and coma. One of my best friends has experienced this two times because he quit getting warnings. Had his wife not found him this last time when she did he would be dead. They sent him to a large hospital by lifeflight because the local hospital didn't have the specialists needed to save his life. It takes a few months of regular blood glucose numbers to reset your warning system if you have caused it to lower or go away totaly. Yes some people feel it at different times because they have lowered their body thermostat warning system lower by continually going to low. This information come from a book written by a diabetes specialists name Dr Bernstein ( Diabetes Solution ).
    Just be very careful, don't play roulette with low blood glucose it can be as deadly as a gun.

  3. Kerryjh

    My lowest low was 29, a couple months ago, while I was asleep. I only woke up because I had to go to the bathroom, and I figured I should check my blood sugar because I was pretty dizzy. Last night, I had a low of 39. I almost never feel lows until I'm in the 50's or 40's. My doc is concerned about nighttime hypoglycemia because my A1Cs are always lower than what they should be, considering my highs. I've only been diagnosed with type 1 for 2 1/2 years, but I stopped feeling symptoms of highs and lows around 6 months in, so at this point I'm fundraising for a diabetic alert dog.

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Here we show users how to set up the meter for the very first time after delivery. The FED BGM II Blood Glucose Meter is demonstrated, the battery is inserted and the time and date are set to allow the memory function to work. The display scale for blood glucose is selected, users are shown how to select either mmol/l or G/dl for the display of blood glucose levels and get the blood glucose meter ready to do a first blood sugar level test. http://www.valuemed.co.uk/acatalog/FE...

Blood Glucose Meter Guide

Tweet Keeping an accurate idea of your blood glucose levels is an integral part of successful diabetes management. Blood glucose meters allow you to do this. Choosing the right meter will depend on the products available to you, the cost of test strips (if you need to buy you our own), NHS prescription availability and the most suitable device for your individual requirements. Some blood glucose meters can also check for the presence of ketones which is useful for people with type 1 diabetes or those who are otherwise susceptible to ketoacidosis. Compare blood glucose meters The following independent blood glucose meter reviews detail the types of blood glucose meters available in the UK, who they are made by, the range of features each meter brings and how to get one. In addition, you can read user reviews or leave your own review. Your healthcare team should be able to advise you on how many times per day you need to check your blood sugar levels. Learn more about the recommended blood glucose level ranges as advised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). You can also read reviews for insulin pumps and CGMs Continue reading >>

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  1. alexanderbarry

    Can metformin raise my high blood pressure? I was taken 2 tabs before and now 4 tabs per day?

    How can affectts high blood pressure? My high blood pressure was controlled before that and since this increased is higher!!!

  2. SU suzanne66

    Metformin has been generally well tolerated. About 20% of patients experience mild, transient side effects sometime during therapy. Here is a list of side-effects for metformin
    Increases in blood-pressure has not been reported with metformin. It is most likely a coincidence.

  3. candacewilson

    I have been complaining to my doctor over the past year that metformin raises my BP. I quit taking the metformin when my BP got so high that they doubled my BP meds and still my BP was high. My Bp has been normal with a lower dose of BP meds, However the doc insisted I go back on metformin 500mg, and BP went through the roof. Not my imagination and obviously metformin CAN raise blood pressure.

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