How Do You Lower Blood Sugar Quickly?

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Diabetes & Diet: 7 Foods That Control Blood Sugar

When you have type 2 diabetes, what you eat can help you control your blood sugar, stave off hunger, and feel full longer. “Diabetes is when your blood sugar or glucose levels are higher than normal. It’s carbohydrate foods like breads, cereals, rice, pasta, fruits, milk, and desserts that can cause this rise," says Maggie Powers, PhD, president-elect of Health Care & Education at the American Diabetes Association. Your eating plan should focus on the amount and type of carbs you put on your plate throughout the day, Powers says. But it’s also important to have foods you enjoy. You want to eat enough so you feel satisfied and avoid overeating and poor choices. Here are seven foods that Powers says can help keep your blood sugar in check and make you happy and healthy to boot. These add color, flavor, and texture to a meal. Choose tasty, low-carb veggies, like mushrooms, onions, eggplant, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, and low-carb squashes, like zucchini. Try them with dips such as low-fat dressings, hummus, guacamole, and salsa, or roasted with different seasonings such as rosemary, cayenne pepper, or garlic. Go beyond your regular salad and try kale, spinach, and chard. They Continue reading >>

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    What is berberine? Can it really lower blood sugar? Are there any cautions? Which supplements are best?
    Berberine is a compound found in plants such as barberry and goldenseal. There is some clinical evidence that it may lower blood sugar and cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. However, berberine may not be safe for certain people and it can interact with a number of medications. In addition, tests by ConsumerLab.com have revealed that some berberine and goldenseal supplements on the market do contain the expected amounts of berberine. For more about the clinical evidence for berberine and goldenseal, safety, dosage and the best way to take these supplements, plus our tests of products, see the Berberine and Goldenseal Supplements Review >>
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