How Can Blood Sugar Be High Without Eating

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7 Techniques To Reduce Post-meal Spikes During Pregnancy

“Gary, I think I need more insulin at breakfast.” “Why do you say that, Julianne?” “Because I’m always having high readings right afterwards, and my obstetrician said I shouldn’t spike after I eat.” “And what happens after the spike?” “It usually comes down to normal before lunch. So do you think I should take more insulin?” After-meal blood sugar spikes can create quite a quandary for anyone with diabetes, particularly during pregnancy. Research has shown that fetal macrosomia (overgrowth of the baby) becomes more common when post-meal blood sugars exceed 120 mg/dl (6.7 mmol). With post-meal readings above 140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol), the risk more than doubles from baseline. Fetal macrosomia can cause many problems during pregnancy. When the baby grows and develops too rapidly, it can lead to a premature and more complicated birth. It may also cause injuries to occur to the baby during delivery. Why do after-meal blood sugars have such a major influence on the baby’s growth? Nobody knows for certain. Perhaps, when the mother’s blood sugar “spikes” suddenly after meals, the baby is fed more sugar than its pancreas can “cover” with insulin, and high fet Continue reading >>

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  1. antiquarian

    Does your blood sugar ever rise all by itself, without eating?

    I've been having some weird blood sugars lately.
    This morning fasting was 122
    Had my flax meal muffin and 2 scrambled eggs
    2 hours later I was at 121...which was good...
    Then, for some reason, when I tested just before lunch it was at 133. I hadn't eaten anything...just had coffee with whipping cream.
    Had lunch...1/2 cup full fat yogurt with 1/4 cup berries and a handful of flax meal granola.
    2 hours post meal I was 149.
    I just can't figure out the 12 point rise between 2 hours post bkfast, and just before lunch. Any thoughts?

  2. mizmac

    The meter has a 20% accuracy problem.

  3. Nicoletti

    It's either a liver dump, or for some, I know it does for me, caffeine can raise blood sugar. I drink decaf.
    Or, as above, it's a meter accuracy thing. Personally, I would not give it a second thought.

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