How Are Starch And Glucose Similar?

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What Is Starch? - Definition, Function & Chemical Formula

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  1. Alfred Schmid

    Should I worry about this readings
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  2. chalup

    Without knowing more about you, like your A1c and FBG at diagnosis and your diet, it is very hard to answer that question. Those numbers are certainly not terrible but lots here have much lower and lots have much higher. It depends where in the journey you are. Please tell us more about yourself and we will try to give you a better answer. I will tag @daisy1 and she will give you some great information for newcomers. Please read through it and welcome to the forum.

  3. KevinPotts

    Alfred Schmid said: ↑
    Should I worry about this readings
    Sent from my SM-N9005 using Diabetes.co.uk Forum mobile app All other things being equal (that's my caveat
    ), the range you've quoted is fine.
    A lot of us like to keep in the 4s, but I've struggled with that this last two weeks whilst testing more types and quantity of carbs.
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