How Accurate Are Home Blood Glucose Meters

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Blood Glucose Monitors: What Factors Affect Accuracy?

Sometimes my blood glucose monitor seems to give incorrect readings. What can I do to make sure the measurement is accurate? Answers from M. Regina Castro, M.D. When used correctly, blood glucose monitors — small devices that measure and display your blood sugar level — are usually accurate. But occasionally they may be incorrect. Consider these factors that affect meter accuracy and the steps to resolve or prevent the problem: Factors that affect accuracy Solutions Test strip problems Throw out damaged or outdated test strips. Store strips in their sealed container; keep them away from heat, moisture and humidity. Be sure the strips are meant for your specific glucose meter. Extreme temperatures Keep your glucose meter and test strips at room temperature. Alcohol, dirt or other substances on your skin Wash and dry your hands and the testing site thoroughly before pricking your skin. Improper coding Some meters must be coded to each container of test strips. Be sure the code number in the device matches the code number on the test strip container. Monitor problems Fully insert the test strip into the monitor. Replace the monitor batteries as needed. Not enough blood applied to Continue reading >>

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    I use the Walgreen's meter. It is cheap and the strips are less expensive. I do not worry about the accuracy as you are only looking to gauge where you are. But I will tell you that finding the right exercise program and meal plan is most important. I have gone from diabetic blood sugar levels to normal for over 3 years. Unfortunately, your doctor will give you a one size fits all diet. You may need to bring your diet concerns to a dietician who can work with you on what you can eat and what you should avoid. And you will still need to fine tune this with food journals and blood testing. The people you work with will need accurate data and lots of it. Sounds like your numbers are pretty good though.


    The "one touch ultra mini" is likely the most accurate BUT, the test strips, according to Kroger Pharmacy, have been causing complaints from many users- including me- They come in vials of 25 and over 50% do NOT work. The test strips are $$$. (My Diabetic Dr gives the meter out free because she wants E1 on the same meter that she sees but I don't rely on one meter)
    In my experience, and my husbands, we use several different meters if any number seems off. We check 6-8x a day each and that is a lot of pokes even if the strips work- frustrating if they don't- (by the way, Kroger will NOT refund on the vials) What we have learned from DRs and consumer reports is: "True" meters can be off as much as 80 points and not consistently though we have found they can freeze, get hot and take abuse when riding (horses) and still work- we test on 4 different meters and take the average for the "true" brand, using the same blood poke. We have tried many brands and find them all have an issue or 2 or more. (Kroger brands usually just quit working- not battery problem)
    If you want accurate result you might have to take the averages of 3 or 4 strips whenever you poke (at the same time.) even if you use the same meter. Record what you eat and how much THEN when you test 1-2 hrs after you eat it, you can see what triggers SPIKES for your body and learn what to cut down on. My husband is type 2 and I am type I and I see you are per-diabetic. Hang in there and see what fits for you, even if it seems like a lot in the beginning, you do have the power to make a difference in your own health, despite what pharmacies are making for meters

  3. DRAGONFLY1949

    I have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Recently I tested my blood at home with a CVS True result meter and got a reading of 105 and then had the fasting test done at the dr. office where they told me they got a reading of 93. This was where they draw the blood and send it off to the lab for testing. I have been very careful of my diet and just wondering if I am knocking myself out and depriving myself needlessly if their testing is showing twice in the last year that my readings are below 100. I saw a ranking of top 10 meters for accuracy gave the "One touch Ultra mini" as having 88/100 for accuracy. Mine didn't even make the top 10. Would love to know what meters others have found to be more accurate. Thanks

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