High Levels Of Glucose In Urine

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Diabetes: Urine Test For Sugar - Topic Overview

Sugar (glucose) normally is not found in urine. But when blood sugar levels rise well above a target range-which can occur in type 1 and type 2 diabetes-the kidneys often release some of the excess sugar from the blood into the urine. In pregnant women, the kidneys sometimes release sugar into the urine even when blood sugar levels are within a safe range. You can test urine for sugar by using plastic strips you can buy at a pharmacy. You dip a strip into a urine sample. The strip changes color to show how much sugar is in the sample. You compare the resulting color to a chart of colors. Each color indicates a level of glucose. Urine testing for sugar is not an accurate way to measure how much sugar is in your blood. So most doctors no longer recommend it for people who have diabetes. A sample of urine often is stored in your bladder for several hours before you test it. Also, because sugar does not show up in urine until it is much higher than normal in the bloodstream (180 mg/dL), urine cannot be used to check for slightly high or low blood sugar levels. Continue reading >>

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  1. Wif_

    Has anyone had this? What does it mean?
    I had my 28 week midwife appointment today and my urine had glucose in it. The midwife said that it didn't matter because I didn't have any other symptoms such as drinking alot. I told her that over the last few weeks I had actually nearly trippled the amount I was drinking and felt thirsty all the time.
    Her response was just to say that if I still had glucose in my urine at next appointment they would do a glucose tolerance test. I tried to get more info from her but she was basically pushing me out the door.
    Now I am starting to worry. My next appointment is in three weeks and I have no idea what this glucose business means or what a tolerance test is. Is it dangerous?

  2. mazncraig

    Hi Wif. Sometimes Glucose in the Urine can indicate Diabetes which can sometimes be brought on through pregnancy. A lot of women that get diabetes through pregnancy find that thy no longer have it when they have gone onto have the baby.
    A glucose test is basically where you fast and go into the surgery where you have a blood test. You then sit and wait for a couple of hours (boring) while drinking a bottle of lucozade and then you have another blood test so they can see how the body deals with the sugar intake.
    I hope this helps a little x

  3. Maenad_

    Oh Wif, you are not having an easy time of it are you my darling?
    Your midwife is being a tad irresponsible because increased thirst is a symptom of diabetes and needs to be checked out.
    What's your GP like? I would pop along to your surgery, explain your concerns, take a first morning urine sample and ask them to run a fasting blood sample or a GTT. A HBA1C will pick up anomalies in glucose levels - GTT is more appropriate for gestational diabetes because this is typified by normal glucose readings pre-meals but with postprandial spikes because it's a case of you becoming insulin-resistant rather than having full blown high blood glucose - however I don't know if they are geared up to do GTTs in surgeries.
    If you want any hand holding lovely, you're welcome to email me, I wish I didn't know as much as I pigging did about diabetes but sadly I do!

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