Feel Shaky But Blood Sugar Is Normal

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Diabetes Safety First! Recognizing And Preventing Low Blood Sugar

Blood glucose (sugar) goes up and down in a small range throughout the day. In people with diabetes, the range can be much wider. It is important to understand the fine balance between treating the high sugars and avoiding the low sugars. If you have diabetes and take certain diabetes drugs or insulin, you may experience low blood sugar (hypoglycemia [hy-po-gly-SEE-me-uh]) from time to time. Hypoglycemia is a blood sugar of less than 70 mg/dL. However, some people have symptoms of low blood sugar even at higher blood sugar levels. This can happen when blood sugar is dropping too quickly or if the person has had very high blood sugars for a long time. Severe hypoglycemia means the person needs someone to treat them, which is a very serious condition! Even mild hypoglycemia symptoms are hard on your body and on your emotions. By learning more about the signs and causes of low blood sugar, you can take steps to keep it from happening again. Frequent low blood sugars are serious because the body becomes less able to show the warning signals of a low blood sugar. The blood sugar can then fall to dangerously low levels. What causes low blood sugar and what are the symptoms? Low blood sug Continue reading >>

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  1. Mansour Ansari

    So the first order of business for you should be visiting a qualified nutrition and medical expertsl in both clean eating and medical tests to find if there are any underlying issues missed from your last medical checkup.
    So assuming you get an ok from your doctor…
    Replace your entire nutrition from processed food to clean eating whole food nutrition.
    Throw away all the stuff in your pantry strored as food. I mean all the cans, boxes, bottles. Replace all with fresh whole organic, pesticides hormones antibiotics free food.
    Stop drinking sodas, alcoholics drinks. Stop eating fast foods.
    Start sleep 8 to 10 hours every night based on a scheduled time.
    Start a weight training strength training program by employing a qualified coach.
    Nutrition deficiency from consumption of processed food is real. Look no further than stuff you eat.
    Don't listen to folks online telling everyone that is ok to drink diet soft drinks, occasionall fast food consumption…

    Good luck

  2. Babette Dickerson

    You could be weak because your body lacks the necessary amount of energy, or calories when speaking of the human body, to do what you want your body to do.
    Lacking the the required amount of calories means you haven't eaten enough food to provide those calories to your body.
    •Try eating nutritious and clean food with the appropriate amount of calories to stop the weakness.
    You could be shaking because your cells need water desparately.
    •Try drinking clean water from a clean source to stop the shaking.
    You could also also be shaking because your cells need heat, like when the body shivers from being exposed to the cold. Again, heat is another form of energy, which is also described as calories, which are found in nutritious and clean food.
    •Try eating nutritious and clean food with the appropriate amount of heat or calories to stop the shaking. Carbohydrates are usually the most efficient form of calories to achieve that.

    •Try eating an organic, boiled potato.

  3. Nainja Kapoor

    Thanks for your question Venkata Sitarambabu Myneni.
    The first thing which comes in my mind when someone mention weak and shaky is low blood sugar levels but as you have mentioned in the question that your blood sugar levels are not low (hoping that you have checked them at the same time), the next thing which comes in to my mind is that it can be low blood pressure or dehydration.
    Sometimes when we are dehydrated, we feel hunger as our brain is not able to distinguish in these two situations. So, next time check your BP and also drink some water. See, if that can help. If not, then i would suggest you to meet a doctor as it can be anemia as well.
    I hope it will help and if it does, please follow me on Quora !!


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