Does Low Blood Sugar Make You Tired

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Low Blood Sugar And Panic Attacks: How Are They Related?

Then, your heart starts beating faster, and you feel the need to sit down. Or sleep. Or vomit. You know your body is pleading for something — but what does it want? What does it need? You continue to wonder as your body begins to sweat. These symptoms worry you, of course. “Is this a panic attack?” you ask yourself. After all, you’ve experience severe anxiety before. You know these uncomfortable sensations. You know that a racing heart and a woozy head usually signify an intense head-on collision with panic is just around the corner. Or is something else amiss? HYPOGLYCEMIA: IMITATING PANIC ATTACKS SINCE…WELL, ALWAYS The word “hypoglycemia” is just a fancypants way of saying “low blood sugar” or “low blood glucose”. And according to Edmund Bourne’s The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, hypoglycemia’s main symptoms (light-headedness, trembling, feelings of unsteadiness) overlap with the symptoms of panic. And I can certainly vouch for that. As both a panicker and someone who sees regular dips in blood sugar, the overlap is uncanny. Well, that spells trouble, doesn’t it? So…when you’re feeling unwell, how can you differentiate between panic and low blood su Continue reading >>

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  1. unicornmichelle

    tired after blood sugars go crazy

    does anyone ever get tired after there blood sugars go from high and low and what the best thing to do besides sleep


    Thyroid problems along with Type 1 create a hormonal mess. It is possible that you being tired could come from either one or both that would most certainly make trying to figure things out much more difficult. My suggestion would be to see a specialist to help you do the balancing of hormone levels as you may have over abundance of some and deficiencies in others. This changes the way your body reacts because it is the main mechanism for so many body functions. Many hormones have multiple functions that can change everything on feeling normal or tired, they change your moods and your daily body routines. See your doctor because these are very important to get balanced.

  3. liquorish

    This is all really good advice, especially about walking if it goes high. When mine goes low, I have no warning. I just all of a sudden feel weak. So I eat something sugary, even a spoon of sugar, and have to sit down and lay my head down. As soon as I can, I get someone to get me a carb., even a piece of bread will do, but I remain weak for 30 min.s or even several hours. All you can do iis sit or lay down, because of the weakness. Take care. Liquorish

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