Does Ketosis Damage Liver

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If You Have Fasted For 24 Hours Will Eating A Ketogenic Diet Lower Your Rates Of Ketosis By Using The Proteins For Energy Instead Of Fat If You Are Not Keto-adapted?

One does NOT burn protein. Protein becomes amino acids which become glucose and it is glucose that competes with the burning of fat. All digested food including the amino acids from digested protein pass through the liver before reaching general circulation. Roughly half of them are metabolized in the liver and converted into glucose. Depending on how much is consumed this may be enough to break ketosis. (The commonly recommended 1.5 grams per kg of body mass is 120 grams for an 80 kg human. That alone becomes 60 grams of glucose which exceeds the commonly recommended 50 grams total when initiating ketosis. ) Even after a fast, one can break ketosis and this is why a ketogenic diet must not include macro levels of protein. For both the novice who might gain one pound of muscle per week and the pro who might plateau at one pound per month, one only needs 20–30 grams of protein beyond the RDA. For most that means 50–70 grams total. If one breaks ketosis and begins to require glucose the body will cannibalize muscle for those amino acids to convert into glucose. It is that damage which must be repaired after the next protein meal and which people try to prevent with still larger p Continue reading >>

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  1. chitownmom

    That is really good that you can see the pattern. Be sure to write everything down for the doctor. Maybe you can talk to your daughter so that she can be sure the sit down if she experiences this at school.
    Good Luck!
    ChiTownMom Just A Mom Doing Her Best For Her Child

  2. sarahandbray

    My 4.5 year old daughter has had 3 or 4 small seizures and was in status epilepticus last July for 45 minutes....the entire morning before that episode, she was flushed and nauseous...wouldn't eat at all (which is very unlike her) and threw up about 20 minutes before her first seizure that day. I also pulled her shirt up that day and she had a red rash all over her for a few minutes that then went away and a low-grade fever. She tends to get very tired as well before a seizure.
    So far, (7 months), she's been seizure free on 500mg of Keppra 2X day.
    Good luck.

  3. Sara Z.

    YES!!! Those are my daughter's symptoms, though she is older (11). She was just diagnosed last week with complex partial seizures. I've been wanting to ask if anyone else has the constant nausea? She has been nauseous for over a month now . . . kind of like a morning sickness feeling 24/7. She has no appetite and only eats when I put food in front of her. She doesn't want to think about food, and often feels like she is going to throw up, but she never does. Now, of course, she is on Keppra, so I don't know if the meds are adding to her nausea. She has not had any more seizures since on Keppra, but she still has the constant nausea and sick feeling. Oh, by the way, my daughter's cheeks get really flushed too. Good luck to you . . . is the Keppra helping?

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