Does Blood Sugar Go Up After Eating

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When To Test Blood Sugar After Meals

For some reason the past week brought me a bunch of emails all asking the same question: Are we supposed to test our blood sugar one hour after we start or end a meal? As is true with everything involving diabetes the answer is not simple due to variations in individual blood sugar responses. The reason we test one hour after a meals is to learn how high our blood sugar goes in response to the specific meal. So we want to be testing at the moment when our blood sugar is at its peak. Studies tell us something about the average time it takes for the carbohydrate in our food to turn into blood sugar (carbohydrates are the main nutrient that causes elevated blood sugars). Such studies suggest that most Americans who eat our meals fairly quickly will see a peak somewhere between one hour and seventy-five minutes after we start eating. But because studies only come up with averages, they don't take into account individual variations--and you are, of course, an individual. And when we move from group averages to individual response we learn that when the blood sugar peak occurs depends on a multitude of factors that include how fast we eat our meals, how much we eat at each meal, how tigh Continue reading >>

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  1. dwelldon

    how long after eating does blood sugar peak?

    I have just had a curry for tea, I tested my blood and it was 15.
    how long after eating does blood sugar peak?
    And how long will it take to return to normal?
    I am newly diagnosed so just looking for information

  2. Andy12345

    i believe it depends on what you ate but i also believe 45 minutes is a general peak, then 2 hours is how well your body has dealt with it, if i eat 2 slices of toast my numbers are way high all that day and even into the next, dont know why though

  3. mo1905

    Andy is correct. Certain foods peak at different times according to their GI. Ideally, you hope to get your BG levels down to pre-meal levels after approx 2 hours. Different people react differently to different foods also.

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