Do High Glucose Levels Cause Weight Gain?

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Managing Gestational Diabetes

3 Staying in Balance Three-quarters of women with gestational diabetes can manage it through diet alone.Toxemia or preeclampsia is the medical term for high blood pressure that is caused by pregnancy. Symptoms of this type of high blood pressure include swelling of the feet and lower legs. High blood pressure is not good for you or for your baby. It can be life threatening. If you develop toxemia, your activity may need to be limited, you may be hospitalized, or have a cesarean birth. Like gestational diabetes, the high blood pressure usually goes away once the baby is born. Urinary tract infections are more common for women with gestational diabetes. Besides the discomfort of burning with urination and frequent urination, urinary tract infections may lead to premature birth. A program of meal planning, exercise, and possibly insulin therapy will help you keep your blood-sugar level within the normal range and your body healthy. Earlier in this book, we told you that gestational diabetes is like Type 2 diabetes, except that it’s temporary and that it’s activated by your pregnancy. Certain hormones from your placenta block the insulin made by your pancreas from doing its job, wh Continue reading >>

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  1. banjo71

    Controlling blood sugar finally, eating better, but gaining weight

    For about 2 years my sugar levels averaged 250-350, in that range. I started getting serious about the situation about 2 weeks ago. For 2 weeks, my blood sugar has been under 200 by sticking to a good Novolog plan. I've been eating less carbs and calories in general.
    I've gained 15 lb in these 2 weeks (245lb to 261lb). I'm not sure I understand what is going on. I think it has to do something with glucose energy being stored. What should I do? I do get some excercise, but it is very difficult to move around when you're this big, too. But I do try to move around as much as I can.
    Has anybody any answer?

  2. jwags

    I think exercise is very important. If your bgs have been very high for several years a lot of the nutrition was not getting into your cells. You say you are eating less carbs and are seeing better bgs. How many carbs are you eating per meal. It took me a lot of experimenting with different levels to find what worked for me. To lose weight you have to find the right balance of low carb, fat and protein. I don't have to count calories but some may have to in order to lose weight. As far as exercise, start out small, just walking 1/2 mile . Then as you get stronger add a few minutes on every day. There are lots of exercise DVD's out there that you can do in the privacy of your own home. You can even borrow some from your local library. You don't need super intense exercise to lose weight, just keep moving.

  3. catslnesme

    I believe it is because your body has been in a malnurished state for so long. The same thing has happened to me. The higher my numbers the lower my weight. When I improved my numbers I gained weight. Last May, I was at my nephew's wedding. I gained 10 pounds in 3 days. I wasn't happy... but my blood sugars were down. This year in March and April my numbers were near and above 300. My weight was at or under 250 pounds. In May I started getting my Blood sugars back down near 200... I gained 5 pounds back. Now I am at 254 after a low of 248 in March I believe. So you have to have both I believe to have sustained weight loss, low blood sugar and lose weight. It is a process. Walk as much as you can. I walk 40 minutes a day and i still can't get my diet under control.

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