Do Blood Sugar Levels Rise When Sick

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What A High Blood Sugar Feels Like? Signs & Symptoms Of Hyperglycemia

I get my first cup of coffee and sit on the sun deck with the birds singing. I feel as if I have not slept a wink, and my head aches. I could go back to bed and sleep all day, but work awaits. It’s a beautiful, sunny day, but my body feels heavy, and stuck to the chair. It hurts to lift my arms. My blood sugar was 381 this morning. Again. I think about having to face the day at the office. Driving down the interstate, the lines are blurry. I know that if the DMV got wind of it, I might not be driving as high as my A1C had been. When I get to the office, I walk in with a dark fog feeling surrounding me, and take some deep breaths at my desk. As I begin to review the end of the month reports, the numbers get fuzzy, and I can’t concentrate on them. My 36 ounce water bottle with only a few sips left beads sweat on the desk, and it’s across the building to get to the bathroom. Sometimes it’s a race to get there in time. My body is taught and swollen, like the Blueberry Girl from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. My blood sugar is a blue river of sticky blueberry filling as I roll down the hall toward the bathroom. I feel that if I had a needle, I could pop myself. That would su Continue reading >>

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  1. otaku30

    How much does being sick jack up your blood sugar levels?

    My apologies if this has been covered somewhere else - couldn't find anything with a few searches.
    How much does being sick screw up your blood sugars?
    I am starting either a cold or flu and my readings have gone up a ways.
    Last night pre-dinner I was at 114 - usually between 90 and 100. After having my usual meal which generally lands me at 110 two hours after I was at 150. This morning I was at 160 instead of my usual 120. Two hours after my standard breakfast and a 15 minute walk my blood sugar is at 123.
    To compound matters I am just getting over a gout attack in both feet so exercise options are a bit limited for a while.
    Since I use diet/exercise to control by blood sugar it looks like I am in for a bit of a roller coaster ride.
    Was wondering what you fine folks do to help control your blood sugars when sick.

  2. Rob

    When I am sick I up my insulin. I am conservative about the upticks, and meter more often until I am sure about my dosages.

  3. Greeneys6

    Rich being ill can always cause an increase in the levels. Since you aren't on any medications at this point, I would say to stay hydrated and possibly lower your carbs per meal a little. But it will run it's course and you should come back to normal in a few days.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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