Can You Share A Glucose Meter

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When Should I Replace My Glucose Meter?

The best glucose monitor is the one that you actually put to usewhether youve had it for six months or six years. Its better to use an older meter on a regular basis than to keep a state-of-the-art meter on a shelf collecting dust. Due to annual changes in health insurance plans, the cost of testing supplies for the exact same meter can vary dramatically from one year to another. If the cost of your supplies means youre not checking your blood glucose as often as necessary, its time to look around for more affordable options. First, make sure you know the brand of glucose meter strips with the lowest copay under your insurance plan. Paying attention to test strip cost is important because thats where the bulk of the cost of blood glucose testing comes from. If your copay or co-insurance cost is high, consider other glucose meters that use low-priced test strips. Note that some store-brand meter systems might be cheaper per month without a prescription than what you would pay for prescribed strips your insurance carrier prefers. If test strip cost isnt an issue, ask your doctor about any free meters available from the office. Theres more to meters than just measuring glucose. Impro Continue reading >>

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  1. Malloy

    My DH's 70 year old (sexually active) father is visiting with his new Diabetes/blood sugar testing machine..... my DH decided to test his blood sugar and used his father's needle prick testing machine.
    Should I be worried? I'm assuming that a sharing a needle is sharing a needle, yeah?
    If so, does anyone know how long std tests take to get back? We're trying to conceive baby #3!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

  2. Velociraptor

    Well... define sexually active. Is he in a monogamous, long-term relationship? Or is he out on the prowl?

  3. Just-Mummy-And-Son

    eww he used the same needle? I thought they had different needles?

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