Can Low Blood Sugar Cause Increased Heart Rate?

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Type 1 Diabetes Faq

What is type 1 diabetes? Type 1 diabetes is all about insulin—a lack of the hormone insulin. If you have type 1 diabetes, then your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to handle the glucose in your body. Glucose is a sugar that your body uses for instant energy, but in order for your body to use it properly, you have to have insulin. What are the symptoms of type 1 diabetes? Type 1 diabetes develops gradually, but the symptoms may seem to come on suddenly. It can take years for the body to deplete its insulin, but as soon as there’s no more insulin in the body, blood glucose levels rise quickly. Symptoms can then rapidly develop, including: Extreme weakness and/or tiredness Extreme thirst—dehydration Increased urination Abdominal pain Nausea and/or vomiting Blurry vision Wounds that don’t heal well Irritability or quick mood changes Changes to (or loss of) menstruation There are also signs of type 1 diabetes. Signs are different from symptoms in that they can be measured objectively; symptoms are experienced and reported by the patient. Signs of type 1 diabetes include: Weight loss—despite eating more Rapid heart rate Reduced blood pressure (falling below 90/60) Low bod Continue reading >>

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  1. alexiskim

    high heart rate and scared!

    I was diagnosed as diabetic about a month ago. About a week ago my endo started me on metformin at 1000mg twice a day. My blood sugars were in the low 200s but went up to the high 200s the past couple days. I have been feeling worse too. All today I felt very tired with very little energy to do anything. I could barely pull myself together to get my son ready for preschool. I called my endo and she had me come in today to teach me how to give myself insulin. But while I was there she noticed my heart rate was at 110 but no fever. She told ne to watch it and check myself later. I took 4 units of lantus around 7 oclock. I just checked my pulse again and I'm at 105 still. I'm laying down to go to bed now. What could be wrong? How concerned should I be? Please help I am a bit scared!

  2. pixsidust

    Your pulse is high but only slightly elevated.
    I deal with a fast heart rate myself…always have pre diabetes
    Is this totally new for you?
    When you exercise you can get around 140-150.
    Wait a while until your body is used to the Metformin.
    105…110 is high but not in a dangerous zone
    I have 7 years of prior work experience in cardiology at a top 10 medical center
    Now I am not saying to not get further checked out
    but things like anxiety, stress, caffeine, high blood pressure, salt, potassium levels can be off. I take oral potassium. Do you drink soda?
    Are you stressed in particular?
    Take you rate when you get up to the bathroom at night
    Make sure you are taking your pulse correctly.
    I could never count accurately
    I use a blood pressure cuff that has a pulse feature
    If this continues ask about a Holter Moniter
    You wear it all day for a day and it records the patterns of your heart
    You keep an activity diary then they can see if things correlate
    I would not be afraid at this point
    Give the medicine time
    Watch your diet for both caffeine and glucose.
    Be watchful but unafraid.
    I believe you will be alright
    My prayers are with you

  3. Caroltoo

    Interesting, Pixsi, yet another experience (high pulse and holter monitor) that we share. Thankfully, mine now stays around 80 and I'm having no other symptoms any longer!!

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