Can Diabetes Cause Diarrhea?

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Causes And Treatment Of Diarrhea During Pregnancy

Maternity can be a gratifying duration for a new mommy. However, the difficulties as well as problems that feature it could place a damper on one’s joy. One such complication that arises while pregnant and also could come to be quite troublesome otherwise treated quickly is diarrhea. Almost 1 in every 5 females struggles with diarrhea throughout the very first and last weeks of her pregnancy. Although there is no should bother with the condition originally, one would need to maintain an examine the very same and take added actions to make certain it does not influence the pregnancy. Common Sources of Looseness of the bowels Throughout Pregnancy A expectant female could suffer from diarrhea because of numerous reasons. Given below are some of the even more typical ones. Hormonal Changes Every woman would go through a sea of physical as well as psychological modifications throughout pregnancy. These adjustments can be attributed to the unexpected rise in the hormonal degrees throughout this period. The huge quantities of pregnancy hormones produced throughout maternity can reduce the digestion procedure in expectant women. And also though this is done to enable the fetus to take in Continue reading >>

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  1. Pegsy

    Metformin and Diarrhea

    My dosage of Metformin has been increased from 1000 mg per day to 2000 mg per day. The higher dosage is doing a fantastic job of controlling my glucose. The increase was done gradually over a period of 2 weeks without incident. Then, after being on the full dose for 10 days I experienced explosive diarrhea while at work. It didn't last long and I did not discontinue or reduce the medication. All has been well for exactly one week and then last night I was awakened by cramping and diarrhea.
    I do not want to eliminate or reduce this medication if I can help it. My doctor says that occassional diarrhea is just part of living with this medication. Is it? Reading on this site I have noticed others have said they experienced diarrhea with Metformin when they ate the wrong things. What are the wrong things? On the first occasion I had Chinese food for dinner at a restaurant the night before. My husband also had stomach upset. I know I consumed more carbs than I should have. Last night, I had "tater tots" with my dinner but did not exceed my allowed amount for carbs. From now on, if I eat potatoes at all, they will be "real" ones, not the frozen prepared variety. As it is, I rarely consume potatoes at all.
    Has anyone here had this experience and found a solution? As I said, this medication is very effective for me and one of the safest available. I do not want to stop it if i can find a solution. Your input from personal experience would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Copperchef

    I did have a similar problem, my physician changed me to Metformin ER which is a slow release drug and the problem went away. The ER is gentler on the system.

  3. Pegsy

    I'm on ER too. It seems to be doing better. Not completely resolved but getting there.

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