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Best Blood Glucose Meters

If you use a blood glucose meters from one of the big four meter companies to check your level four times a day, you will probably pay anywhere from $1,700 to $2,300 each year. But if instead you test with a meter and strips from one of the "big box" stores, you would be out of pocket only about $600 to $800. This is a useful bit of information from the latest Consumer Reports review of the "Best Blood Glucose Meters." The magazine rates 21 meters in a brief article of one chart and five paragraphs in less than a page in its November 2012 issue. The big box stores that sell some of the least expensive meters and test strips are Wal-Mart and Target. Wal-Mart has offered its ReliOn brand for years, but Target now offers its Up & Up brand. Still, the wide price gap may be misleading. Each of the big four – LifeScan, Roche, Bayer, and Abbott – offer programs that can provide some of us test strips for considerably less. Most people with diabetes will find the report, however brief, useful. It’s already on newsstands and, better yet, on the shelves of most libraries. What Consumer Reports says is important. Published by the nonprofit Consumers Union and containing no ads, this is Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. energy

    Which WalMart blood glucose meter do you recommend? ReliOn-Micro or ReliOn-Confirm

    To cut test strip costs I plan to switch from the Freestyle Lite glucose meter to one of the Walmart glucose meters. However, I saw that they have two of them, 1) ReliOn-Micro and 2) ReliOn-Confirm, with the same price. The difference between them is not clear to me.
    1) First of all, do you recommend a WalMart glucose meter?
    2) Have you used any of these meters and what is your experience?
    3) Which meter do you recommend?

  2. MCS

    I use the $19.95, SideKick meter, blue and yellow box. It comes with 50 strips and a check solution. It has always been extremely accurate for me. Once the 50 strips are used up you throw away the meter and buy a new kit. The only draw back is does not do averages, it will scroll thru the 50 tests though. I am not concerned about averages its the here and now that concerns me.

  3. stevek

    1) Yes
    2) Relion-Micro
    3) I use this and a OneTouch Ultramini. My experience has been that the Relion-Micro is just as accurate and tons cheaper than the OneTouch.

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