Blood Sugar Swings

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20 Common Reasons For Blood Sugar Swings

People with diabetes often wonder why blood sugar can swing quickly and unpredictably, sometimes high and sometimes low. If you’re frustrated and curious about why this happens, this great WebMD article is for you– it explains some of the common things that can cause blood sugar to rise unexpectedly and what to do about them. Here are some of the key take-aways: #1 Sugar-free foods can cause your blood sugar to rise because although they don’t have sugar, they still contain carbohydrates, and it’s carbohydrates that raise your blood sugar. Always look at the Total Carbohydrate line on a food label to see what the blood sugar impact of a given food is going to be. For more about how to read a food label to learn how a food will impact your blood sugar, watch this short video. #2 High-fat foods that are also high in carbohydrates (like pizza, Chinese food and French Fries) can make your blood sugar stay high longer than other foods. The way to understand what foods cause your blood sugar to rise too much is to test both two hours and three hours after you eat a meal (more about that here) to see what’s happening with your blood sugar. #3 A bad cold can also cause your blood Continue reading >>

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  1. jigsaw

    20 Reasons For Blood Sugar Swings!

    Many posts concerning hard to control blood sugar and blood sugar swings have come through the realms of DC. Here are some answers that may help.

  2. Graylin Bee

    Good find, thanks for sharing.
    So, housework will help me exercise and keep my BG lower…hmmm…don't think I'll be sharig that fact with Hubby.
    The slideshow mentioned Sesame Beef as a spiker…good thing they didn't use Sesame Chicken. I can pretend the chicken negates the carbs can't I?

  3. jigsaw

    Be careful about what you say, I just might become heavily influenced!(-;

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