Blood Sugar Spike During Labor

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Peripartum Management Of Diabetes

Go to: INSULIN AND GLUCOSE THERAPY DURING INTRAPARTUM PERIOD The hepatic glucose supply is sufficient during the latent phase of labor, but during the active phase of labor the hepatic glucose supply is depleted so calorie supplementation is required. During the active phase of labor, the supplementation is mostly in the form of intravenous glucose as the oral supplementation is restricted.[13] The guidelines for insulin therapy during pregnancy mostly suggest infusion of insulin and glucose. The protocols for use of insulin during pregnancy are mostly based on studies in type 1 diabetes mellitus patients. An audit of 40 pregnancies over a 4 year period was conducted to find out the blood sugar control during labor using the insulin glucose infusion and it demonstrated the practical use of a simple regimen for control of blood sugar during pregnancy. Mean blood glucose of 94 ± 40 mg/dl (5.2 ± 2.2 mmol) before delivery and 85 ± 33 mg/dl (4.7 ± 1.8 mmol) just before labor prevented neonatal hypoglycemia.[14] In women with type 1 diabetes mellitus, a glucose infusion with insulin is mostly required during the latent period of spontaneous labor, but when the patients go into active Continue reading >>

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  1. artisgood

    Wondering if any of you experienced moms that have had gestational diabetes in past pregnancies would know the answer to this. For the past two days my blood sugar levels have gone out of control. This is not normal for me (as I'm on medication and I often fight LOW numbers more than high) but the past few days I've had the highest highs of my life. I had GD before with my son but he was a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks (due to my sugar levels never being under control during the pregnancy and I wasn't on medication then btw).
    Just wondering if any of you noticed a sharp change in your numbers as labor neared? As I was sitting on the phone with my mom last night (had GD with her last child) she mentioned the 210 I just pulled could be a result of labor nearing. I know pain can result in higher numbers (I've been having a ton of contractions) but perhaps it could be hormonal changes as labor nears? Just wondering....

  2. Pikemommy

    My numbers never got out of control and I was not on meds.... just diet controlled. I was induced that pregnancy due to pre-e though so I never went into labor on my own.
    My mom is type 1 (has had it since she was a toddler) and she had 3 healthy pregnancies/deliveries and her sugars never went crazy when labor was coming. Hormones do effect her sugar though, she had a terrible time keeping it under control during menapause.
    So basically I'm no help . I would call your Dr. though to let them know about the sugar being higher so they can adjust your meds/diet. You don't want it to be giving the baby a lot of extra sugar at this point in the game or stressing the baby out whether it means labor is approaching or not, it's not good for baby.

  3. KnittinMomOf4

    I don't think so mama, it's just harder to control your sugars the further along you get. .

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