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Treating High Blood Sugar

Topic Overview If you have diabetes, your doctor will give you blood sugar goals and recommendations for treating high blood sugar. Here are some general guidelines. Mild to moderately high blood sugar Follow these steps if blood sugar is over the target range set by your doctor, for example, over 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) for two or more readings a few hours apart. If the usual dose of diabetes medicine was missed, give the missed dose. If the doctor has prescribed a dose of fast-acting insulin based on the blood sugar level (sliding scale), give the appropriate dose. If not, call the doctor for advice. Test for ketones, if the doctor has advised you to do so. If the results of the ketone test show a moderate-to-large amount of ketones, call the doctor for advice. Wait 30 minutes after giving the extra insulin or the missed medicine. Check the blood sugar again. Extra liquids are needed to replace the fluids lost through the urine. Water and sugar-free drinks are best. If symptoms of high blood sugar become more noticeable or if the blood sugar level continues to rise, call the doctor. If your child's blood sugar continues to rise, for example, above 240 mg/dL, and if h Continue reading >>

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  1. BradB

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new here to the forums and hope some of you have advice for me.
    In November my 14 year old male cat was diagnosed with diabetes. We started out at 1 unit in the morning and night and I went back to the vet a week later to have his blood sugar tested again. It was in the 500s. So the vet raised the dose to 2 units in the morning and night and I went back the following week to have his blood sugar tested again. Once again he was in the 500s and didn't seem to be responding at all. The vet said maybe the cat being stressed on the ride to the clinic caused his levels to spike, but he proceeded to raise it again. I think he bumped it up to 4 units twice a day and on the following check up his blood sugar was a little lower I think in the 400s but still way to high. Anyway, this kept going on until reaching 7 units. The cat still isn't responding at all so I took him to the vet today and they're running a glucose curve and seeing if he's responding at all. The vet called and said things aren't looking well and the cat isn't responding very well. He said he got the sugars down to the 300s but said that was still way too high.
    I'm at my wits end and the vet is suggesting to put the cat down. I really don't want to lose my cat as I've had him since I was 4 years old and am really attached to him.
    I'm worried the cat is suffering and I really don't want him to suffer any longer. I'm hoping maybe you guys can suggest something more I can do to try and save my cat.
    Please give me any advice that could help, I really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance,
    I guess i've left out some details. My cat LOVES his wet food and I have no problem getting him to eat. He has lost a lot of weight due to the diabetes but doesn't look too unhealthy.
    The cat urinates a lot and fills up the cat box in a day and I have to empty it almost completely to clean it. This has not got any better since starting his insulin injections. I have been using ProZinc insulin.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Dyana

    We will help you with your cat. What's his name?
    You do NOT have to put your cat down. It's just a matter of getting to the right dose, and using the right insulin for your buddy. Don't worry so much. You have come to the right place for lots of help. The people on this board have tons of experience with diabetic kittys.

  3. BradB

    My cats name is Shadow.
    Thanks a lot! I am very worried because he hasn't showed any signs of improvement at all and I'm afraid he's just getting worse.
    I DON'T want to put him down but I'm just afraid he's suffering and not feeling well. He's had a very long and good life and has never had any health problems prior to this. Especially because the vet recommended to put him down that's what makes me uneasy and not very hopeful.
    I will do whatever it takes to get him feeling better, and I see you guys recommend testing at home. I don't mind at all investing in this stuff as I do have the money to pay for it. Just let me know what to do!
    Thanks a lot for the reply.

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