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Mechanisms Causing Uric Acid Stones

My book chaptermakes the prime point that low urine pH causes uric acid to crystallize in urine and produce kidney stones. But it does not detail what lowers urine pH to such an extreme. In part, bowel diseases lower urine pH. That is another subject altogether, because they also cause calcium stones. So they need their own articles. But in the main, low pH arises in people who are obese, have metabolic syndrome, diabetes, vascular disease all in some combinations. As an alternative,sometimes low pH associates with gout and none of these are present. In either case, this article concerns what kidneys do to lower pH in the absence of an obvious systemic cause. This article parses out and pulls together the work of the Dallas group that has contributed most of what we know about low pH in uric acid stone formers without bowel diseases or other obvious causes. They have presented their work in many review articles, so this one should be taken as a public tribute to them rather than an academic summary. Even so, it is fearsome technically and not for everyone to undertake. A principal author of the Dallas research, Dr Khashayar Sakhaee was kind enough to read the final manuscript and f Continue reading >>

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  1. k

    I had a bad cold about a week after I started testing, and while my nurse said it was possible that my higher fasting numbers were due to the cold, if the doctor saw the higher numbers (regardless of what was causing them), he would likely prescribe medication anyhow. I did end up on meds right after that, and then insulin shortly after. I'm not sure how much of that was due to the cold and how much might have happened anyway. That's just my situation though--hopefully you'll have better luck. Feel better! Colds during pregnancy are no fun.

  2. nurseliane

    Yes, being sick totally messes with blood sugar numbers.

  3. ml020301

    When I took my 3 hour test I had a really bad cold. I called my doctor and they said it wouldn't affect the test. Needless to say I failed it badly. I met with a diabetic Doctor Who said having a cold can really spike your sugar levels.

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