Blood Glucose Normals

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A Computer Model Simulating Human Glucose Absorption And Metabolism In Health And Metabolic Disease States - F1000research

All the simulations were generated using Berkeley Madonna version 9.0. ( ), a modelling and analysis program that solves simultaneous non-linear differential equations. It runs on Microsoft Windows 710, Macintosh and Linux platforms. The computer simulations are done using the option solving stiff non-linear simultaneous differential equations using the Rosenbrock simulation method 51 with a step time of 100 s and error tolerance of 110-8. Simulations usually extend for 1500 virtual seconds, normally outputted at 5 second intervals. The numerical data output tables were subsequently processed in Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows 2013 and graphed using the build-in Chart facility. Further analysis was done using self-generated Excel Solver macros, and the Levenberg-Marquardt, L-M, least squares minimizing routines available with Synergy Software Kaleidagraph version 3.52, ( www.synergy.com ). This conveniently includes error estimations of the derived parameters. Cardiac output at rest is set at approximately 5.5 L/min and mean aortic blood pressure at 105 mm Hg. The core model blood vessel resistances and compliances are adjusted to obtain appropriate normal human steady state flow Continue reading >>

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  1. smorgan

    Sorry, perhaps that wasn't a good "style". Correct, it was not entirely responsive to things actually said in this thread but to lots of things being said in lots of places. I hope some of the points raised may nonetheless be useful to someone in spite of that. I certainly wasn't arguing with you, so please don't take it that way.

    Originally Posted by fgummett
    I don't see anyone in the thread using such definite terms as "NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR IS 83"... do you? I see lots of discussion of ranges and below a specified value by a certain time after eating etc... hence my confusion. I'm not sure why you felt the need to correct an assumption when I see no evidence for any such assumption.

  2. Charactermatters

    HFCS is High Fuctose Corn Syrup.:-)

  3. Charactermatters

    I am a non-diabetic that is concerned because of family history.
    Over the years my fasting blood glucose has been in the 78 - 91 range. The last test I took at a doctor's office was about 3 years ago. I recently got the BG meter and have been checking my blood.
    Day 1: 98 PM Reading Then 20 minutes later 101.
    Day 2: After an 8 hour fast: 109 then 1 hour after eating 102 then 2 hours after eating 112 then 3 hours after eating/94
    Day 3: 14 hour fast: 65/ did it again 68 then 2 hours after meal 95
    Day 4: after lunch 114 then 1 hour after dinner 92 then 2 hours after meal 82
    Day 5: Random reading after dinner and carb snack: 107
    These seem very high to me. They also seem like the numbers are spiking or flucuation. I really don't know, so I wanted to see if someone knows if these numbers mean spiking or problems for a non-diabetic with a family history.

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