Blood Glucose Levels In Labor

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Patient Education: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (beyond The Basics)

INTRODUCTION Insulin is a hormone whose job is to enable glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream to enter the cells of the body, where sugar is the source of energy. All fetuses (babies) and placentas (afterbirths) produce hormones that make the mother resistant to her own insulin. Most pregnant women produce more insulin to compensate and keep their blood sugar level normal. Some pregnant women cannot produce enough extra insulin and their blood sugar level rises, a condition called gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes affects between 5 and 18 percent of women during pregnancy, and usually goes away after delivery. It is important to recognize and treat gestational diabetes to minimize the risk of complications to mother and baby. In addition, it is important for women with a history of gestational diabetes to be tested for diabetes after pregnancy because of an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the years following delivery. More detailed information about gestational diabetes is available by subscription. (See "Diabetes mellitus in pregnancy: Screening and diagnosis".) GESTATIONAL DIABETES TESTING We recommend that all pregnant women be tested for gestational diabe Continue reading >>

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  1. littlejen

    I read on some message board that a lot of times your levels will drop before going into labor..not sure if it meant like a few hours before going into labor, or a few weeks?? I couldn't find anything to back up this information and was curious.
    My GD is diet controlled, but my numbers have been significantly lower the last several days, and I haven't even been eating that great, so it had me wondering....

  2. Cindermella

    Here is the deal.
    HcG interfears with your pancreas
    and shortly before you go into labor the HcG your body is producing drops.
    Some women spike at 34 weeks with their sugar woes and then level off. some get better at 34 weeks. Following the pattern of the HcG count.
    The drop is usually right before labor tho. Usually but not always. And then after delivery when the majority of the HcG is out of your system you are curred. Again, usually, not always.
    I kept the diabetes

  3. mousemomof3

    think my levels stayed the same. I was on insolyn right till the end. The will check your sugar levels and the baby sugar levels right after he/she is born.

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