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1 Dear Embrace No Code Owner Thank you for choosing the Embrace No Code Blood Glucose Monitoring System to help you manage your diabetes. We designed the Embrace No Code Blood Glucose Monitoring System to be accurate and easy to use. The added convenience of the bi-lingual talking feature can be used as a verbal aid for using the meter. This manual contains all of the information needed to use and maintain your new blood glucose meter. Please read it carefully before use. Your Embrace No Code Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides an easy and precise way to measure blood glucose using fresh capillary whole blood taken from fingertips, palm, or forearm. The added convenience of auto-coding can help reduce the chance of inaccurate readings caused by incorrect coding of the meter. Testing is done outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use). The test results are plasma- calibrated for easy comparison to lab results. The Embrace No Code Blood Glucose Monitoring System is a portable battery operated meter intended for use as an aid by persons with diabetes and by health care professionals to monitor glucose concentration in whole blood. If you have questions or simply need more informat Continue reading >>

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  1. Pallum

    Blood sugar level is 157 after consuming 100 gm glucose

    Hello everyone, I m 13 week pregnant... My dr gave me 100gm glucose and after 1 hr they took my blood... My blood sugar level is 157.. Is it bad..

  2. Pallum

    Hello everyone, I m 13 week pregnant... My dr gave me 100gm glucose and after 1 hr they took my blood... My blood sugar level is 157.. Is it bad..or requires medication... Pl do repl

  3. Deep35

    Usually GTT is done around 24 weeks. Yes high levels of glucose is bad it causes a great damage to the baby. Good news is it's picked up early and you'll be put on a strict diet do follow it. Also good news is it's completely controlled by diet if not by insulin shots I hope you don't need it and can do it in diet alone. Enjoy the good balanced healthy diet. You and your baby all just do fine.

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