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Which Is The Best Blood Glucose Meter In India

Patients with type -1 or type 2 Diabetes all face the problem of fluctuating blood sugar levels, As a diabetic you already may be aware of the complications diabetes brings with it, Almost all the diabetics are good at taking pills on time / before meal but many of them seem to neglect the blood glucose monitoring part, But it is highly important because of the following factors Regular blood glucose monitoring can give you a idea about which foods are spiking your blood sugar levels and what are the foods which keeps your blood sugar normal. By frequently monitoring you will be assured free of worrying about fluctuation in blood sugar levels. You can avoid severe complications to your eyes, kidneys and foot. International Diabetes Federation suggests Blood sugar monitoring should be done as per the recommendations of the Doctor, But gives a general guide line about frequency of testing blood sugar levels. type 1 diabetics who take insulin shots or using insulin pump should measure their blood sugar levels 4 times a day. Type 2 Diabetics who are on insulin are recommended to check their blood glucose once a day or at least 4 times a week. Type 2 Diabetics who are on medicine but ha Continue reading >>

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    I would recommend the following glucometers as them have good reviews and more popular in India.

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