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Sales Of The Leading Blood-glucose Meter Brands In The United States In 2017 (in Million U.s. Dollars)

37.4537.4520.5720.5712.4512.4510.5510.559.519.519.379.378. About this statistic Show source The statistic shows the sales of the leading blood-glucose meter brands in the United States in 2017. In that year, Lifescan One Touch Ultra was the most purchased blood-glucose meter brand in the United States with sales of about 37.45 million U.S. dollars. More and more meter manufacturers today are differentiating their offerings not by the traditional micrometers of blood necessary for viable glucose reading or the value inherent in the cost of test strips, but in the accompanying adherence app or other technologies that will help diabetes patients better navigate their disease states. Statistics on "Diabetes" Continue reading >>

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    I would recommend the following glucometers as them have good reviews and more popular in India.

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