Are Beans Good For Blood Sugar?

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Beans Will Rock Your World

I’ve started eating a lot more beans. Why? They are healthy and cheap. They make me feel good, and it turns out they taste great if you prepare them right. Research shows that beans are even better if you have diabetes. A woman in my neighborhood got me started. We were talking about diabetes, and she said she had been diagnosed with Type 2 five years ago. But she now eats beans with every meal, and all her numbers are back to normal, including her glucose tolerance test. I figured I should look into it. Of course the first place to look is always Diabetes Self-Management‘s Amy Campbell. Here’s what she wrote in 2007: “Beans are a rich source of protein. One cup of beans contains about 16 grams of protein, the same as 2 ounces of meat or chicken. People who are vegetarians typically use beans and bean products as their main source of protein. Beans contain no cholesterol…and only about 1 gram of fat (non of it saturated, either).” That’s just the start. Amy says beans “also contains about 15 grams of [mostly-soluble] fiber…which can help lower cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease…Beans are also a great source of iron, calcium, potassium, and ma Continue reading >>

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  1. Sam Stokes

    green beans do they truly help to keep low blood sugar up

    A good friend of mine shared that an alternative md said 1 serving of green beans helped low blood sugar . Have any of ya'll heard about this?

  2. spkar

    I just accidentally discovered that Green beans (aka French Beans) reduced my sugar levels drastically.
    For last 3 days, I took my readings at 4 PM and my readings are 86, 92, 87 after having beans during lunch time at 11.30 AM.
    Whareas my morning (fasting) sugar levels are 130 to 137 for last 3 days.
    I had some wine and dinner without beans.
    I am taking Metformin 1000mg twice/daily morning and night.
    I will keep this forum posted with further results. I cooked beans with garlic, coconut powder, turmeric and cumin seeds along with bread made with 5 grains flour available in Indian stores. ,
    added 10/28.
    Now my fasting is 100 to 110, 2 hrs after meal is 125 to 130 and 4 hours after lunch is 90 to 100.
    For last 3 days I stopped taking Metformin and now my readings are 95-105 fasting and 130-140 random.

  3. cussinwolf

    I have seen a few things on blogs about people saying that a small serving at bedtime helps them not to have that am BG rise. Green beans have always been considered a diabetics friend. ! cup has 27calories, 6rams carbs, 3 grams fiber and 2grams of protein not too mention a treasure of vitamins. Also has a glycemic load of only 2(low is good). Of course living here in the south I have seen people put table sugar in a lot of vegetables that they cook. I used to love to put potatoes in mine but not anymore.

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