After Meal Blood Sugar Spike Symptoms

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Are You Non-diabetic? Your After-meal Blood Sugar Spikes May Be Killing You Softly

Something millions of people don’t realize is that non-diabetics do experience blood glucose spikes after meals. Yes, non-diabetics get blood sugar highs believe it or not. They just don’t know it and this phenomenon has implications for your health. Your doctor won’t tell you how important your blood glucose control is as a non-diabetic. I will. The reason your doctor fails to tell you this is mainly because it is generally thought that until a diagnosis of diabetes is made, you are assumed to be metabolically competent. But that is not always the case. In actual fact, this is the reason why a lot of prediabetes cases are missed. Prediabetes is the abnormal metabolic stage before type 2 diabetes actually bites. And before the prediabetes stage, you also develop insulin resistance which is largely silent as well. Doctors don’t pay attention to metabolic health in a run-of-the-mill consultation even if the consultation is for a wellness overview. There are so many individuals with insulin resistance, prediabetes and frank type 2 diabetes walking around totally unaware they have any of those conditions. If only we paid just a little attention to our metabolic health, we could Continue reading >>

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  1. maswazir

    Need urgent response ! my Blood Sugar Was 58, after 3 hours it is 92.

    Hello, folks! you may know i am DT2 ,frish A1C is 5.4%.
    from last 5 days facing with cold runny and itchy nose, phlegmatic cough, and yes there was throat infection.
    with medication, I was to use some home remedies, last night i take a tea without milk ,with one teaspoonful Cinamon powder and one spoon honey so drank one small cup.
    today i repeat this the time was 11:00 am,,when I feel like I am not in good condition so I checked my BG it was 58, then I took two spoons of honey and did lunch , after 3 hours of lunch
    once again i checked my BG it was 92 ,while i was feeling like hypoglycemia .
    so ,do you think i do stop the cinnamon ?
    what is the reason of low BG level.

  2. abill

    Re: Need urgent response ! my Blood Sugar Was 58, after 3 hours it is 92.

    hope you are feeling better soon, if you aren't eating enough carb, the sitglptin will send you low, you may want to ask dr if he wants you to reduce the dose a bit.

  3. mollythed

    Re: Need urgent response ! my Blood Sugar Was 58, after 3 hours it is 92.

    I can tell you that most of the people here who have tried taking cinnamon to help manage diabetes have told us that it makes little or no difference in their blood glucose level. I think that it is unlikely that the cinnamon is responsible for the low blood glucose level.
    Often when we are sick and our bodies are fighting something like a cold virus, we will see changes in our blood glucose, either higher or lower than normal. Our bodies may need extra energy from carbs to heal, and if we are not feeling well, we may eat less than usual. Perhaps that is why your blood glucose dropped down to 58.
    Taking a little honey with you tea was a good idea. A teaspoon of honey has 17 grams of carbs. A teaspoon or two of honey would usually be enough to bring your blood glucose back up to a more normal level. A 58 is uncomfortable, and needs to be treated, but it is not a crisis, and you did the right thing to manage it. It's common, too, to still feel a little tired or "worn out" after experiencing a low like that.
    I would not suggest making any change in your medication while you are recovering from your illness; I would suggest checking blood glucose level more often over the next few days, especially if you feel symptoms that suggested blood glucose might be low, and I would treat those symptoms as you did, with some honey or other easily digested carbs, and then retest in 15-20 minutes and repeat if blood glucose was still low. I would expect everything to return to your usual level as your body heals. As long as you know what to do when blood glucose drops low, waiting a few day to see what happens is a reasonable thing to do.

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