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Success Story: Don Fillenworth

Name: Don Fillenworth, age 55 Location: Bismarck, N.D. In mid-October 2012, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had an A1C of 9.6. This was quite a shock for me, as there is no history of diabetes in my family. Before I was diagnosed, my feet were constantly numb and tingling, and I was losing feeling in the front portion of the bottom of both my feet. I had no clue that this was an indicator of diabetes, as I was not familiar with the disease at the time. My doctor prescribed metformin, which I take twice a day, and referred me to a diabetes educator and nutritionist at our local medical center. My cholesterol and blood pressure levels were also really high, but I was already on medications for both. My wife accompanied me to the diabetes education and nutrition courses. The courses were very educational and informative! We both were amazed at the amount of information we received. The lifestyle changes were pretty aggressive, including major diet changes as well as exercise. Fortunately, my wife is so dedicated and helpful! Though she didn’t have to, Cindy committed to the same diet changes, as well as to starting a walking routine with me. Originally, my goal was to walk Continue reading >>

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  2. Sherril

    I'm assuming it's type 1 you've got??? I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 13. It was about 7 years before I learned to control my blood glucose. I was admitted to hospital around 10 times as a teenager with severe low blood sugar episodes (when I actually had full epileptic seizures 3 times) and with DKAs because my blood sugar was too high. I'm so lucky that I didn't do myself permanent damage with my blood sugars running so high for so long. My blood reading was 1260 (70mmols) on one occasion when I was admitted to hospital with a DKA. Now my diabetic specialist team can't believe that I was that person because I have been taking really good care of myself for the past 8 years. My HbA1C readings are excellent and my urine, feet and eye tests have always come back clear. The way that I control my blood sugar so well is my testing my blood sugar around 15 times a day. If my blood reading is creeping up over 180 (10mmols) I immediately take 2-3 units of insulin and get it back down. So I take small amounts of extra insulin as I need it. You will learn how to do this too with time and experience. If you haven't done so already, I'd advise you to really educate yourself about type 1 and even type 2 diabetes so that you understand your illness. Always ask your diabetic nurse or doctors when there's something you're unsure about or something you just want to know more about. My nurse specialist used to say that type 1s generally knew more about their illness and went out of their way to find out all that they could but that type 2s didn't usually understand diabetes. Of course she was making a generalisation based on her own experiences because here on yahoo answers at least, many of the best pieces of advice come from type2s. Type 1 is a very serious illness but once you learn how to control it you will have a very good quality of life.

  3. jonnie

    Type 2 diabetes, usually referred to as adult onset, is when your body produces insulin but can not use it properly. This type can be treated successfully with the right diet and exercise in most circumstances. Read here https://tr.im/p666E
    If blood sugars are not kept under control at some point insulin will probably be integrated / oral medications are also available. People with diabetes can live long, happy lives but must be diligent in their care and make sure you see your endocrinologist on a regular basis.

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