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Header Page National Diabetes Insulin Pump Audit (NDIPA) 2015-2016 Interactive report for participating Specialist Services in England This report provides England and Specialist Service level data for the NDIPA 2015-16. How to use this spreadsheet: You can select your Specialist Service from the drop down list at the top of the Hospital Report, this will feed the rest of the report and provide you with data for the chosen Specialist Service. If you need any assistance using this file please email [email protected] For detail regarding the Data Quality of the information contained within this spreadsheet and the methodology used for the audit please see the "National Diabetes Insulin Pump Audit Report" accompanying this spreadsheet Click and select the Specialist Service from the dropdown list Specialist Service Barnet Hospital (RAL26) RAL26 Barnet Hospital Barnet Hospital had 27 people on pumps of which 1 were classified as having Type 2 or other diabetes (those with Type 2 diabetes have been removed from this report - please see National Report for more information) 7.9 per cent of people with Type 1 diabetes being seen by Barnet Hospital were receiving Insulin Pump Therapy c Continue reading >>

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  1. Roz_Ramsden

    I'm new to this forum but have joined as my partner is borderline diabetic. I had been feeling tired and very thirsty, and passing water alot so I had a skin prick test at Boots pharmacy. After 14 hours of fasting, my glucose levels were recorded as 5.9. They referred me to my GP. A whole blood test was normal (4.9). We brought a top of the range glucose monitor and every morning my fasting levels are between 5.6 and 6.2. More recently, I have increased the testing as I seem to be having a lot of shakes and feeling unnaturally hungry. Sometimes before lunch, my glucose levels can drop as low as 3.3, and I feel terrible and very faint. However, after a small snack of 4 small wheat free crackers and humous, my reading after 45 minutes can be up to 7.5. The other morning my fasting blood glucose was 6.0, and after a few spoonfuls of natural yoghurt, cup of tea and a walk of 25 minutes, it had short up to 7.4. Is this normal? There is some diabetes Type 2 in my family, but not my direct blood relatives (2 blood cousins). The doctor has dismissed me which is probably understandable, but I don't feel right physically, and am very worried. I am very slender (BMI of 19, 5 foot 6 inches and 8 stone 3/4lbs). I also have very dry skin which is getting worse. If I eat a plate of carbs, I immediately feel really drowsy and want to drink so much water and have an unnatural thirst. I don't understand this as the thirst wouldn't kick in that quickly? Many thanks for any responses!

  2. brett

    Re: Non-diabetic but high fasting levels and fluctuating lev
    Numbers seem fine as far as diabetics goes. Your body will make its own sugar if its need for energy and 14 hours of fasting would definately cause your body to make some. Also why test after 45 mins? Never heard that one b4. As diabetics we are advised to test after 2 hours of eating food to see full impact on levels.
    If feeling unwell see your gp as it may be something else.
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  3. JennyP

    Re: Non-diabetic but high fasting levels and fluctuating lev
    This sounds a bit like I was a decade a ago. I ended up having to see an Endo and he did a 5 hour GTT and diagnosed Reactive HypoGlycemia. I had Insulin and Glucose measured every hour and then graphed. I was told to eat protein(y) snacks every 2 hours... I did this for years but overtime it got worse and moved into pre diabetes and now what they think is T2 ( although that is not set in stone yet). I was diagnosed just recently on random BGL. My fasting levels are still odd . Increasing this year ( finally ) but not a true diabetes reading, but the post meal readings went high. Even the recent GTT was normal again. I now suspect I have been T2 a long time . I have had symptoms like blurry vision etc for years - but no one was testing my random post meal readings - only fasting levels. So the advise to eat every 2 hours was really bad for me ... I was constantly feeding the levels....which made me feel better... but meant I was living in the 9s and 10s all day long. Hope you can sort out yours. I kept data for my Dr and we worked from there. Jen

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