• What causes diabetes type 2 in adults?

    Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition in which the body becomes resistant to the normal effects of insulin and/or gradually loses the capacity to produce enough insulin in the pancreas. We do not know what causes type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is associated with modifiable lifestyle risk factors. Type 2 diabetes also has strong genetic and family related risk factors. Type 2 diabetes: Is diagnosed when the pancreas does not produce enough ...

    diabetes Dec 30, 2017
  • central diabetes insipidus dog treatment

    Diabetes insipidus, is a debilitating and rare disease, with a prevalence of 1 out of 25,000 people. Often referred to as “water diabetes,” it is a condition characterized by frequent and heavy urination, excessive thirst and an overall feeling of weakness. It’s caused by a defect in the pituitary gland or in the kidneys. (1) The term insipidus means “without taste” in Latin, while diabetes mellitus involves the excretion of “sweet” ...

    diabetes Dec 30, 2017
  • how does diabetes affect wound healing

    Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is important to the wound healing process. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes are well aware that their bodies may not recover from wounds as efficiently as those without the metabolic condition. For that reason, clinicians heavily stress the importance of diabetic wound care. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, staying aware of the condition of the feet and properly caring for lesions and abr ...

    diabetes Jan 3, 2018
  • How Type 2 diabetes can be treated?

    There is no cure for diabetes. Neither type 1 (juvenile onset or insulin-requiring) diabetes or type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes ever goes away. In type 1 diabetes, patients sometimes experience what physicians have come to call a "honeymoon period" shortly after the disease is diagnosed. During the "honeymoon period" diabetes may appear to go away for a period of a few months to a year. The patient's insulin needs are minimal and some patients may ...

    diabetes Dec 31, 2017
  • medicaid diabetes coverage

    A poor person in my state found clinics and charity from hospitals that provided free health care.The ACA changed that. Not true in other states. My son received charity care from two doctors and three hospitals. One major hospital gave him any prescription for free.He received two surgeries for free. As a type-one diabetic, he needs insulin and test strips to monitor his blood sugar. I had no money after his mother left. I used to go into pharma ...

    diabetes Jan 4, 2018
  • What causes hypoglycemia in diabetic patients?

    Abstract Hypoglycemia is a condition of reduced blood glucose level below 70 mg/dl (3.9 mmol/l). Hypoglycemic coma is a medical emergency which usually associated with glycemia around 20 mg/dl (1.1 mmol/l). Prolonged severe hypoglycemia may result in permanent neurological disorders. Hypoglycemia also has a negative impact on the cardiovascular system. Severe hypoglycemia may induce ventricular arrhythmias. Severe hypoglycemia requiring hospitali ...

    diabetes Dec 30, 2017
  • diabetes and surgical wound healing

    Diabetics have higher risks of wound healing complications following surgery. If you have diabetes, you are well aware of the importance of maintaining control of your blood sugar levels to prevent serious health problems. The same is true when it comes to surgical wound care. When you undergo surgery, because you have diabetes, you are at a much higher risk of having complications or developing a wound infection. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels ...

    diabetes Dec 30, 2017
  • How do you deal with diabetes?

    Intro Living with type 1 diabetes can be emotionally draining. It’s normal for people with type 1 diabetes to feel scared, angry, frustrated, or discouraged from time to time. But there are some simple steps that you can take to reduce stress levels and anxiety. These seven suggestions can also help you to live better with type 1 diabetes. 1. Manage your stress It can be difficult to adjust to life with diabetes. Making changes to diet and life ...

    diabetes Dec 30, 2017
  • What happens when you don t control diabetes?

    back to Overview Know-how Type 2 A tag-team approach on low blood sugar with type 2 diabetes. Markus recently wrote an article on our German language blog talking about low blood sugar with type 2 diabetes. The question (“can I have low blood sugar with type 2 diabetes?”) is very common, and it’s easy to see why it’s of concern. So I’ve helped Markus bring his German post to life here in English. I hope it helps! Here’s Markus: Low bl ...

    diabetes Jan 3, 2018

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